My newest Online Class "Herb Magick" is available now!

7:32 AM

Anyone who knows me knows I have a passion – some would say obsession- for herbs, magickal herbalism and gardening. Even in the depths of winter I dream of gardens and herbs. My newest Online class “HERB MAGICK” is up and ready to order! Here is the class description. It took weeks of work but finally, its good to go!
“A brand new class for Ellen's online students. This class focuses on the practice of Herb Magick. It discusses herbal correspondences, magick, the Hermetic laws of vibration and correspondence, the flower and faerie folklore of herbs, the do's and don'ts of gathering for spell craft and the fact that herb magick is a major magick. Also there is information on the Language of Flowers included. There are reading assignments, a quiz, and several days worth of homework for this class. Also included are herbal correspondence charts, and suggested reading for further study. The class fee is $30.00 and will be emailed to you in Rich Text Format. The class is sent typically within 1 - 2 days as soon as payment is verified.”. Payment is made through PayPal. And on my website    Go to the “Online classes page.”

The required text for this online course is Herb Magic for Beginners, by Ellen Dugan. Published by Llewellyn Worldwide. The text does not come with this course and may be purchased ay any major bookstore or online through Llewellyn Worldwide at or at Amazon 
Keep in mind the book has new cover art. So you may come across two different versions of the cover. Either version of this particular book will work for the online class. (They are the same inside- after all.) Here is the original version of the cover art- and just below the new version. Remember- its the same book.

I should point out here that the "Herb Magick" class is designed to be worked at ANY time of the year. There are options for gathering fresh herbal materials for folks without a garden or even during the winter months. (I’ve got that all covered in this online class!) I think this class has more homework than any other class I have put together, so the students will be happily studying, and conjuring away for a nice long time.

I hope you will all enjoy the class. As for me I’m going to enjoy my snowy and chilly weekend, looking at gardening magazines and plotting for spring and what plants I want to add to my own Garden of Witchery. Which is right now- as you can see from the photo I took just above- sleeping away under the snow.
Blessed be, Ellen

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  1. I'm so eager for this newest class! Your on-line classes are always such fun, and they also help me get the most out of your books. Thank you so much for the work you put into them.


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