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Good morning, its going to be a crazy weekend. Finally an event to kick off the release of the new book. The event is on Sunday afternoon, March 27 from 1:00- 3:00 pm. At Main Street Books, in Saint Charles, Missouri this Sunday.
To celebrate the release of the book, I will be giving a free lecture on “Psychic Protection and Hauntings”, followed by a book signing for  Practical Protection Magick.
This is a new lecture, and it’s going to be fun. Main Street Books is a gorgeous independent bookstore, in the historic riverfront district of St. Charles. So come on down and enjoy the lecture, get your book signed and do some shopping in the historic district. Which is well known for its many haunted locales. (I’ll be talking about that at the lecture too!)
I know that a local paranormal team will be coming to the lecture, Mound City Paranormal, and I hope to see lots of other folks there too! So if you are anywhere around the St. Louis area, I hope to see you at the event. Here is a link to the bookstore, for directions

The feedback and reviews so far have been very positive and I am happy that the book is helping so many people. Here is the review on Practical Protection Magick from New Age Retailer Magazine.
"St. Louis’ famous “Garden Witch,” Ellen Dugan, has kicked it up a notch with this latest addition to her successful books. This time she’s writing about negative thoughts and/or energy deliberately sent from one person to another. She tells us these psychic attacks are real, then tells us how to recognize them, disperse them ethically, and protect against their return. She stresses that protection magick is a necessary part of practicing the craft and a powerful way to deepen magical skills and enhance one’s magical life. She encourages us to bring our inner “warrior witch” out of the closet. The book is dense with practical information about a wide range of topics: psychic strengths and weaknesses, curses and hexes, psychic and emotional vampires, magickal strength, and ghosts. The book is written in her usual direct and lively style and contains those garden touches we love. This just might be my favorite Ellen Dugan to date."
—Anna Jedrziewski, Spirit Connection New York, New York, N.Y. (New Age Retailer Magazine)
Hope to see some of you on Sunday!
Blessed be, Ellen

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  1. I'm so glad that you are putting out this book.
    I've already ordered a copy.

    Here is a good example of why we need you book:

    And for the Christians view on things:

    It seems that with the country moving further to the religious right we need protection now more than ever.

  2. I grew up in St. Charles - I love that bookstore! Unfortunately I don't live there now (West Virgina now... go figure) and I do wish that I could have seen you speak there. I'm sure you were great!

  3. I Bought the book, I read the book, and I was not helped. Most of what you had was for dealing with a one time attack, then getting and staying away from the person.

    What information is out there for when you are under daily attacks and have to live with the offenders?

    I'm in the middle of nowhere and pagans are few and far between, not to mention skittish, so web resources or a book list would be great.

  4. Hi Ellen
    I 've just discovered your blog ! amazing !
    I'll come back again & again & again <3 <3 <3
    Magicals blessings


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