The Witch goes to Washington and Upcoming Radio Interviews!

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This past weekend I was in Washington DC, for an author event. I had been invited back to Turn the Page Books to sign my new book Practical Protection Magick. The book signing event was a multi-author one so in addition to myself there were two children’s books authors, plus romance writers Erin McCarthy, Carolyn Turgeon and Nora Roberts. It was fun to be back at Turn the Page. Its such a great bookstore and Boonsboro, Maryland is a picture postcard pretty little town.

So I arrived on Friday and was picked up at the airport by Joyce and her husband Jim Taber. Joyce creates the enchanting jewelry designs based on Nora’s books that are for sale at Turn the Page Books. The Tabers were a lot of fun we laughed so much--and they took me all around downtown DC on Friday. Here is a picture of me standing in front of the White House.

Of course I was much more interested in the white magnolias. As we approached the fence I said, “Wow. Its smaller than I thought it would…. Wait, are those white magnolias?” and I dashed over for a closer look which made the security guys and police officers stationed there laugh out loud. Yeah, yeah… I was much more impressed with the blooming trees than the White House. You can see one of them just starting to bloom in the picture above.

So yeah, saw the cherry blossoms blooming- pretty. Saw Washington Monument and noticed right away that it has two different colors of stones. I was impressed by the Lincoln Memorial. Did you know that statue of  Abe was supposedly based on the idea of the old temple of Zeus?

No kidding. The temple of Zeus held a massive ivory or gold statue of him seated on a throne. It was one of the ancient wonders of the world. Anyway the modern statue of Abraham Lincoln is amazing. No matter what or should I say who it was inspired by. Here I am (on the right in the purple coat by old Abe.) It was cool to see it in person.

The Tabers and I also popped into the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. Saw the Hope Diamond, checked out the gem and mineral exhibit- wicked cool. I took tons of pictures of the gems and crystals.... and of course the dinosaur bones.

Hit the hotel Friday night and crashed. Got up early on Saturday and drove into Maryland with the Tabers to the bookstore for the signing.
Met up with my friend and fellow author, Jeanne Adams for a cup of tea at a nifty pastry shop called Icing in Boonsboro before the author event.  

 Here we are acting goofy and mugging with each other’s newest books. Also, Jeanne just signed her first contract with Llewellyn for non fiction! So she's a soon to be Llewellyn author--as well as already being an award winning fiction writer! Actually her newest suspense book was the "Red Hot Read" in Cosmospolitan Magazine this April! Check it out!

Then to the Turn the Page Bookstore author event. I was seated next to Nora and her son Jason, who helps out with the signing.  It was a smoothly run, and wonderfully fun event. This is the second time I’ve been there to sign with Nora, and other authors, and its been a great experience both times. I met lots of great fans on Saturday who stood in line to get line tickets, and then waited for hours again. Here is a picture below of Me, Jason and Nora signing away at the event.

To my delight, I was asked to come back to Turn the Page when my next book comes out- next year. So when I find out the release date for book number 13, I’ll contact the store manager Janeen, and we’ll see what we can set up.

Now I’m home and still trying to catch up on things that piled up at an alarming rate while I was gone. Yesterday I booked two radio interviews and a Pod-cast interview for my friend Christopher Penczak’s “Voices of the Temple Series”. I think I’m doing the pod cast thing maybe this week. Note to self: double check date and time with Adam. 

Oh and also booked an interview on the Hex Education show for May 25th. That’s always a fun show to do.
Plus I have another blogtalk radio interview on Friday April 8. Para X Radio. It’s the “Spirited History Internet/ Radio Show”. The hosts are very nice ladies and I’m looking forward to being back on. Here is the link to that one so you can listen in on Friday, APRIL 8TH .  The show is on at 7:00pm EST.

That’s it from here… I think. Blessed be,

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  1. What a fun trip you had! Thank you for sharing, and for listing the dates/times of your upcoming interviews.

  2. You world-traveler you! Love the pictures, and yes, the size of the White House always surprises people. Compared to Buckingham Palace, or the Palace in Tokoyo, our seat of government is quite...modest. Odd for Americans to be the modest ones, right? Hahah!

    Love the pictures! You have to send me a copy of the Blues Brothers shot so I can put it up on my website. Grins. LOVE that picture (and the pastry was pretty awesome too!)

    So excited that you'll be back with lucky book 13!

  3. Did you stop by the American History Museum to see the ruby slippers?

  4. Hi there! I read somewhere in one of your books I think that you love scrapbooking! Do you scrapbook all of your author signings, trips, festivals etc. I love to scrapbook as well. Check out my blog for a few of my sample pages. I also have a couple of youtube videos linked on my blog explaining my pages. I'd love to know what your favorite scrapbooking companies and tools are, or any tips and tricks you may have for witchy scrapbooking.


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