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Good Morning,
Ever since I announced I would be teaching public classes again in the St. Louis area, I have been bombarded by requests for online classes. No worries, I currently offer six different affordable online classes to choose from.

With Imbolc just around the corner I thought it would be fun to put the "Natural Magick for Hearth & Home" class on sale. It is usually $40.00. However from now until March 1st, this class is only $30.00 dollars. 
There is a huge amount of material included in this particular online course. I did not trim the information down... just the price.

This online class is based off my book Cottage Witchery. The course is filled with new and fresh ideas for kitchen witchery, and spells for your abode. Which seems like just the thing to do at this time of year. Snuggle in and work on improving the vibe, and the magickal atmosphere of your own Witches cottage.

Witch homes are eclectic. And while we all may long for the kitchen from the movie set of, Practical Magic, there is no reason not to incorporate a bit of enchantment into your decor. While I have a thing for shabby chic or "cottage style" decorating... even a minimalist modern home could be improved upon with some touches of magick. No matter what your decorating style happens to be.

For Yule this year, my Hubs gave me a small apothecary chest. Its wicked cool and hangs on the brick wall in my kitchen. I plan to fill those drawers full of magick herbs from the garden this spring. For now it holds a few bottles of dried herbs and makes me smile every time I walk into my cottage style kitchen. I have dreams of it eventually looking something like this little vignette above... but I can only imagine the havoc my calico cat, Brie would inflict with glass jars displayed upon my kitchen counter... Still I'd love to have an apothecary sign like that- I'll have to ask the hubs to make one for me.

Look around your own witchy cottage this winter and see what sort of magick you can conjure up. If nothing is inspiring you and you want to give the place a good magickal makeover to improve the energetic atmosphere, check out my online class. Be sure to grab it while it is on sale, or read my book Cottage Witchery.

Either way, create a magickal and loving home for yourself and your loved ones... all it takes is a little bit of witchery!
Blessed be, Ellen

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  1. fantastic! adore that apothecary cabinet. let's see if a spare $30-$40 happen to manifest sometime soon. i would love to take that hearth & home class. you are busy busy woman! cheers to ya!

  2. THANK YOU!!! I myself have been working on building the magical feeling in my house by decluttering and only keeping the things that have real meaning. This is the best time to snuggle in and work on many improvements to home and spirit!

  3. I'm hoping to attend the Green Magick & Herbalism class, but if I can't make it, I'll definitely be doing the on-line class. Thanks Ellen.

  4. Wow this is pretty unique. A lot of the home decor I've seen is mostly modern. This something really different, but I like it. There's a site my friend recommended me to called worldtohome.com, they have a big selection of unique home decor stuff you might like. Check them out if you want. =]

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