Thursday, September 11, 2014

Every Witch Way, Practical Prosperity Magick & Autumn Tour Dates

Its been a crazy, busy summer, and now Fall is in the air! Tour Season is Gearing up and I hope you are all ready, Witches!

This summer, I released my first INDY eBook with my friend Tess Whitehurst. The eBook is called Every Witch Way: Spells and Advice from Two Very Different Witches!

This book was a blast to write and I am happy to say that it has done very well for us, and it has given folks plenty to talk about. Tess and I decided it would be fun to tackle topics that most authors won't touch, and to show that you CAN have vastly different opinions, styles and magickal practices and still be friends. 

In our eBook there is plenty of magick and spells, lots of humor, some practical advice- as well as a healthy dose of tongue in cheek humor for everyone to enjoy, and at only $5.99 on Kindle its a real bargain!

Click here to order your own copy of this fun little eBook! Every Witch Way eBook

In other news, Practical Prosperity Magick is doing very well and I have two autumn author events for it that I am very excited about. The first is in Birmingham Alabama at Books, Beans and Candles Magick Shop. Here is all the information on the event.

Date:  Friday & Saturday, September 19-20, 2014Place: Books, Beans & Candles
1620 Richard Arrington Jr. Blvd S
  Birmingham, AL 35205
Meet and Greet Time: Friday, September 19th- 7- 8:30 pm
Class Time: Saturday September, 20th- 1:00 - 3:00pm
Practical Prosperity Magick Class Fee: $35.00
Store phone:
(205) 453-4636

Ellen returns to one of her favorite stores, Books Beans and Candles in Birmingham, Alabama for a weekend long event.
There will be a free meet and greet on Friday night. Ellen will be signing her books and tarot deck. Then Saturday afternoon Ellen presents an advanced magick class on her newest book.

Description for: "Practical Prosperity Magick Class"In this straightforward class Ellen will be lecturing on her newest book "Practical Prosperity Magick". Here you will gain the information and practical advice that you need. The lure of casting a spell and having money appear "just like magick" is very attractive however, the truth is that prosperity magick, is a more complex and advanced topic than most folks realize.  The seven hermetic laws, and the law of attraction, will be discussed as well as the correct astrological and lunar timing for your best prosperity spell results. Also there will be an honest discussion on how to avoid those "rookie Witch mistakes" so prosperity spells don't backfire.

The second event is in October. Where I will be the keynote speaker at a big Samhain Festival in
New Hampshire. October on the East Coast- Its going to be gorgeous!

Celebrate Samhain 2014!
Date: Saturday, October 18
Place: Peterborough Community Center, New Hampshire

I will be giving a free lecture on Prosperity Magick at the Samhain Festival. (Time to be announced) 
I will also be on hand to sign and sell all of my books and my Tarot deck! 
You can pay for your purchases from me at Celebrate Samhain with either cash, credit or debit cards.
I am really excited about both of these events. I hope to see you there! 
Blessed be, Ellen

Here is the big add for Celebrate Samhain.
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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Practical Prosperity Magick Tour Dates for East Coast

I am preparing to head to the east coast in a few days for a mini tour for my newest book, Practical Prosperity Magick.  Here are the dates- and all the info. Hope to see you on the road!

New England Tour for "Practical Prosperity Magick"!
Wednesday, July 9th at  Leapin' Lizards in Portland, Maine Place: Leapin' Lizards 449 Forest Ave., Portland, ME 04101
Store phone: 207-221-2363
Tarot Readings (by appointment only) Reading Fee: 15 minutes $35.00-- 30 minutes $65.00
Lecture topic: Practical Prosperity Magick
Lecture Time: 6:30- 8:30 pm
Class fee: $25.00

Ellen returns to Portland Maine and the Leapin' Lizards store for tarot readings and a workshop on her newest book, Practical Prosperity Magick. (See below for lecture description.) She will be on hand to sign her books and tarot deck before the class. Be sure and call the store soon  to reserve your reading with Ellen, and your spot in class! 

Thursday, July 10th at Pyramid Books in Salem, MassachusettsPlace: Pyramid Books 214 Derby Street - Salem, MA 01970
Store Phone: 978-745-7171 
Meet and Greet 6:30- 7:00
Lecture-Practical Prosperity Magick
Class fee $30.00 per person
Class Time 7:00 - 9:00pm

Ellen returns to Pyramid Books, her favorite shop in Salem, Massachusetts for a workshop on her newest book title, Practical Prosperity Magick! (See below for lecture description.) She will be on hand to sign her books and tarot deck before the class. 

Looking forward to seeing you in Witch City! Call Pyramid Books and reserve your spot in class! 
Temple of Witchcraft- New Hampshire

Friday, July 11th at Temple of Witchcraft in New Hampshire
Place: Temple of Witchcraft 49 North Policy Street- Salem, New Hampshire
Times: Meet and Greet 6:00pm

Lecture Topic: Practical Prosperity Magick
Class fee $25.00 per person
Class Time 7:00 - 9:00pm

Join author Ellen Dugan at the Temple of Witchcraft for a book signing and lecture on her newest title Practical Prosperity Magick. For more information and directions please visit their website at 

Saturday, July 12 at The Robin's Nest in Bellingham, Massachusetts
Tarot Readings, Meet & Greet, and Class
Place: The Robin's Nest 799 S. Main Street- Bellingham, MA. 02019
Store Phone: 508-244-4881

Tarot Readings by Appointment Only: $25 for 15 minutes from 11am to 2pm
Free Book Signing from 4 to 5pm
Workshop Topic and Time: Practical Prosperity Magick  at 5pm
Class fee: $30 per person
Join author Ellen Dugan at The Robin's Nest for tarot readings, a book signing and workshop on her newest title "Practical Prosperity Magick". To reserve your spot in class and/ or to sign up for a reading please contact the store at 508-244-4881

Description for: "Practical Prosperity Magick Workshop"
Prosperity Magick is always a popular topic, and in this class which is based on Ellen’s newest book, "Practical Prosperity Magick" you will gain the information and practical advice that you need. The lure of casting a spell and having money appear "just like magick" is very attractive to darn near everyone. But the truth is prosperity magick, like any other magick, is more complex an advanced of a topic than most folks realize. There are many clever ways to attract success and abundance into your life. In this straightforward class Ellen will be teaching about the colors, crystals and herbs that are most complimentary for this particular type of spell work. The seven hermetic laws, and the law of attraction, will be discussed as well as the correct astrological and lunar timing for your best prosperity spell results. Also there will be an honest discussion on how to avoid those "rookie Witch mistakes" so prosperity spells don't backfire.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Surviving the very Rainy Pagan Picnic

Well we survived the Pagan Picnic- only lost one book to torrential downpours. Water plus books is bad. This year it was not a matter of "if" it would rain- it was "when" and how severe would the storms be. We took an extra canopy and tarps, plus plastic totes, and plastic garbage bags to protect the books. When you have 15 titles in print and you take several of each not to mention a couple cases of the newest title to an outdoor event, you had better be prepared for everything.
Usually the everything is bugs, sun, humidity and heat. This year it was no chairs at the author tables, bugs, mud, humidity. light rain, and noon time thunderstorms that last over an hour. 

We tried to make the best of it. Here is a photo collage of me and fellow Llewellyn Author and my coven-sister Ember Grant. Next Me, Ember and Lenora Henson (The three Witchy ladies on author's row) Then my friend and coven sister Charlynn with her little guy, (Charlynn has organized and been in charge of the Picnic and its authors and guests for several years.) Then the final picture bottom right is of Heather, Ember and I out after the Picnic was over having our traditional Margaritas.

It was great to see people out and about braving the elements. My favorite moments of the picnic would be when my friend Heather let me borrow her little camp chair to sit at the table with. It was short so I felt like a kid sitting behind the table. But at least it was a chair. Seeing our friends Rebecca, Sab and Meg, chatting with the regulars from the discussion group that Charlynn and I host. Mickie Mueller's adult daughters who just happened to appear as the rain began to help us get all of the displayed books protected from the rain. Poof! They just happened to be walking along and ended up being right in front of my booth as the rain started dumping. Thanks ladies!

Another moment I won't soon forget, was deciding to get under the big stone pavilion at the park for my newest book's  Practical Prosperity Magick lecture. Usually I have to talk over the bands playing to lecture. This year it was cracks of thunder, howling wind and pouring rain. But we huddled in the center of the large pavilion, under the sturdy roof and felt safer than standing out in the middle of an open area under a little canopy with no sides. I had several people remark that I was one of the only people to go ahead and lecture during the worst of the storms.
It was a bit wild standing under that pavilion with assorted families taking shelter and a dozen or so folks all huddled up to attend the lecture-- no matter what. 

Meanwhile back at author's row, My husband Ken, our friends Rebecca, Heather, and Charlynn's family huddled under the extra easy up we had brought along and my husband added more protection by zip tying tarps to create sides to our extra canopy. Ember and Lenora pulled their books and stood there under their canopies and held the fort with my family and friends on author's row. Basically we all got through. After my lecture when the rain let up, I went back to my "booth" with my friends Charlynn, Sab and Meg, who had walked over to hear the lecture, to find things well in hand, and that during the deluge we had only one copy of my newest book got water damaged. Not too bad considering.

I also soon learned that Ember had been selling her handmade crystal bracelets and enchanted candles during the storm. Well she did write the book on "Magical Candle Crafting"  and The Book of Crystal Spells, after all. LOL

Later in the afternoon my sons texted us to let us know that tornadoes were on the ground in the county where we live- about 45 minutes west of the park in St. Louis. Then my husband's cell phone started going off with warnings from the weather center about the approaching storms and we all decided that we had had enough excitement. I quietly told the other authors and we broke down, packed up and got the hell out of there before the next big storm. We no sooner got our cars packed up and started to pull out of the park when another storm broke with even more rain than before. Talk about good timing.  (Hey, I must be psychic or something.)

So we took our time driving out of the city and headed west. My husband and I, Heather and Ember stopped for dinner. I bought everyone a drink and we toasted to surviving yet another Pagan Picnic.
Will I be back next year? I'm not sure. Looks like there will be a family wedding in June- one of my many nephews- so we will have to see.

In the meantime I am gearing up for my July East Coast mini-tour for Practical Prosperity Magick. Tour stops will be.
Wednesday, July 9th Portland, Maine at Leapin' Lizards.
Thursday, July 10th Salem, Massachusetts at Pyramid Books,
Friday, July 11th in New Hampshire at The Temple of Witchcraft 
Saturday, July 12th at The Robin's Nest in Bellingham, Mass.
For more info please visit my tour page on my website here is the link. Ellen's Tour Page 

Blessed be, Ellen