The Value of a Coven-Sister

8:34 AM

My coven met last night for our Imbolc celebration. We met at Ember’s house and what a lovely time we had. So we celebrated Imbolc, and ate a late dinner. Sarah brought an awesome salad, Ember made yummy vegetable soup, I brought a bottle of wine, and some fruit, cheese and crackers, Charlynn brought spiced wine, Jen, bless her, made a wickedly good cheese cake and brought along a bottle of dessert blackberry wine. So we shared dinner together, and had a couple glasses of wine and caught up with each other. One of our members had to work at the last moment and was unable to attend, but 5 out of 6 were there and Yule seemed very far away as we sat and visited and enjoyed each other’s company.

Our coven rituals are always written by whoever is hosting the gathering and we take turns throughout the year. (That way everybody shares in the responsibility. With each of us taking turns it gives us a nice balance and some variety to the rituals themselves.) Typically we choose the dates for our coven gatherings for the entire year at the Yule gathering. We all sit down with our calendars for the coming year and figure out who’s taking what day, where and when we will gather together to celebrate the Sabbats and we also try and work in a nice balance of full and dark moon gatherings as well.

Last night Ember hosted. So she was in charge of the ritual, and it was a lovely one. You guys are going to love all the gorgeous rituals that she wrote in her first book “Magical Candle Crafting” when it comes out in March through Llewellyn Worldwide! Here is a picture of her first book-

Yeah, I am VERY proud of her, and proud of all of my coven sisters.

Maybe it’s just one of those Witch things- but I feel closer to and have a stronger bond with my coven sisters than I do to any of my relatives. (Not counting my husband and children of course.) To me, family is not so much about bloodlines. Its about love and the people that you let into your heart. Those individuals are your family.  Sarah brought this up last night, and I think that this particular old saying is very true, “One genuine friend is more valuable than a thousand relatives.”

When I link hands with the women in my Coven and we raise energy together, it’s sheer force astounds me every single time.  So to me the real value of a coven sister is that not only are they my dearest Witch friends, they are also the family of my heart.

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  1. How wonderful Ellen for you to have your sisters in spirit. I really understand the concept of having friends who can be so linked to your heart...closer then family. After all, we choose our friends, family sort of just happens! LOL
    Blessings to you and your coven sisters,

  2. So nice to hear this. And thanks for the heads up on Ember's book! I definitely want a copy. :-)

  3. Can't wait to check her book out! :)

  4. What a beautiful testimony to the bond you share! Thank you for giving all of us a window into it.

    And I'm looking forward to Ember's book too! With your book also coming out in March, I'll certainly be busy reading soon! ;-D

  5. Thanks for the heads up about the book!

    I'm (almost) envious of those who have geographically close like-minded souls...


  6. Lovely!

    looking forward to both your and Ember's new books!

  7. I agree with your thoughts on what is "family"...definitely have experienced the same thing. Looking forward to everyone's books!

  8. Beautiful post Ellen. Still in search of the same now that we moved back to PA. Miss my dearest witch sister from our former Coven so much. At least we can stay in touch via the internet, but not the same as being together on the Sabbats! Imbolc Blessings!

  9. That is so beautiful. It makes me envious as I truly am solitary where I'm at.

  10. What a nice article. It makes me wish I weren't a solitary and that I had others with whom I could walk the path.


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