The Witch takes a Vacation!

8:07 PM

Every once in a while something magickal happens. In my case a friend called me a few months ago and asked me if I’d like to go on a winter vacation with her.
To. The. Beach.

The only caveat was that I was not allowed to bring my laptop and absolutely no working was allowed. Only relaxing. Gee, let me think about that for a moment…. Escaping from the snow and cold, taking a break for once in my life, and going to a tropical beach for warm sun and sand in the middle of winter?

I grabbed the chance the way a drowning person snatches a life preserver. Then I wept tears of gratitude. I worked my ass off last year… Book tours, family responsibilities, writing, the coven, my daughter graduated from University and moved home- my second son moved into his own place…

Honestly, besides a fun three day fishing trip with the Hubs at a rustic state park late last summer- I do not remember the last time I had a – can I actually say this word? “Vacation”.
And a vacation that does not have the phrase, “Lets go fly fishing” in it? 
Well, for this to occur it requires certain rare astrological alignments.

So, plans were made and I found myself giddily shopping for a swimsuit in January. Snagged one on sale and a cool flowing cover-up in black.  Picked up some sunscreen, packed my sunglasses and sandals, and tried to imagine having a tan in February.

So, keeping my fingers crossed for smooth travel and then Beach here I come! My plans for the next five days include the Five “B’s” as we’ve begun to call them. The five B’s are Beach, Book, Beach-chair, Blanket, and I added a fifth element--Booze!

I have a hankering for some girly tropical drinks… the kinds with little paper umbrellas in them. If I am going to have a “girls only” escape to the beach- then I damn well want to complete this dream with a tropical drink. I have always wanted to sip a margarita while I stand under the warm sun, with the ocean surf lapping around my ankles….. 

I am so outta here.
Blessed be, Ellen

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  1. Can I go? I'll just magickally stuff myself in your suitcase and be quiet as a mouse. LoL J/K I hope you have fun! :-D

  2. HAVE FUN!!!!! I mean it; you deserve this SO much! Talk to you when you get back!

  3. Go have- fun, rest, relax and recharge!

  4. Sounds absolutely wonderful Ellen and a much deserved vacation for sure. ENJOY!

  5. Have a wonderful time, you absolutely deserve a break.

  6. Travel safely and enjoy! It sounds like a dream come true!

  7. Have an awesome,wonderful, relaxing and livin' it up time!! You surely deserve it.

  8. Hi Ellen! Love your blog...enjoy your time at the beach!!! :-)

  9. I hope you have a wonderful vacation, :)


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