Witches and the topic of Ghosts... what do you believe?

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So, do I believe in ghosts? Yes, I do. Do I believe that ghosts can actually appear and interact with you.? Yes, I believe that too, because it has personally happened to me. Do I believe that every ghost or haunting is negative or filled with drama? Nah….

Being a clairvoyant and a Witch, means that many times people think I am a version of the Ghost Whisperer and the Ghost Busters all rolled into one. Yes, I have gone through historic buildings at the request of the owner and pointed out the “hot spots” so a paranormal team would know where to concentrate their search. Yes, I can do medium style readings for clients, But they rarely get the relative or friend they are hoping for… I tend to pick up on the people from the other side that they least expect. Strangely enough my readings tend to be filled with funny messages, and happier memories from the dearly departed. Seems to me there is  enough sadness in the world… I suppose those spirits who lean towards humor tend to gravitate towards me… It’s a theory.

So, I have a ghost story for you, Yes this is true and no I’ve never written about it before. Several years ago, when I worked in a gift store in the historic district of my town, I had a ghostly encounter one winter’s night. It was the holiday season and the stores stayed open later for the Holiday shopping. That night we had been crazy busy, I had worked alone, and I was anxious to total out, do the paperwork and go home. As the last customer finally strolled out of the store I hurried and locked the front door. Turned the key in the register to begin the final read and totals of the day, and went to start the laborious job of turning of all of the lights.

This store was packed with displays, and because of the age of the building there were power strips everywhere with many items plugged into each of the strips. I started with the main overhead lights for the sales floor and then walked to the back of the shop, humming along to the radio playing holiday songs and started  flipping the power strips.

One by one I made my way up towards the front of the store. Some of the power strips were easy to reach- while others you had to be a contortionist to get to. Or you had to get down on your hands and knees and crawl back through displays to get to them. The last strip to turn off was closest to the register area, way under a table and chairs. So I hunkered down, crawled under the table and stretched waaaaaay out to turn off that light strip.

“Gotcha!” I said in triumph and eased out from under the table and stood back up. As I turned to go back to the register a woman stood about three feet in front of me and she was smiling. She had dark hair pulled up on top of her head, and was wearing a long charcoal coat. I noticed stylish boots showing out form the hem of the pretty coat and she tipped her head to the side and smiled at me. I jolted and swore to myself, as she had startled me.

She only folded her hands at her waist smiled again and waited. I closed my eyes in embarrassment and laughed. Oh, no! I thought. I locked a customer in the store with me and did not even know it! I took a deep breath and turned to look at the woman with an apology on the tip of my tongue. Oh man, I was sure to get in big trouble with my boss for this, and as I opened my eyes to begin my apology…. She disappeared. I watched her just Poof! Not be there any longer.

Then the room got icy cold. I stood there speechless. Then I yelped, slapped the main overhead lights back on and ran for the phone to call my husband. I told him what had happened and asked him to stay on the phone with me until I had to leave the store. I laughed about it at the time. While I wasn’t afraid, it definitely made me nervous. It was a hell of an experience and  while I had seen some crazy things in my life and felt cold spots and seen things move in other haunted places I had never actually seen a ghost standing right in front of me. Wow.

Later I did some digging on the location of the building that I was working in and uncovered some startling facts about the place… which explained why there was so much ghost activity.
Which is a ghost story for another day….

If you’d like more practical information about ghosts and hauntings, I hope you’ll check out my newest book, Practical Protection Magick. You bet your broomstick, that hauntings and ghosts are one of the many topics I’ve got covered for you. The book is shipping out now! Go grab a copy!
Self portait of Ellen and her newest book. No glamour shot just real life!

Finally, here are a few more books on the topic of Ghosts and Hauntings that I think you will like and that I personally have enjoyed and found to be very useful...
The Case for Ghosts by J Allan Danelek
The Ghost Hunter's Survival Guide by Michelle Belanger
House of Spirits & Whispers by Annie Wilder

Wishing you an enchanting weekend.
Blessed be, Ellen
PS. BIG NEWS! I will be returning to "Turn the Page Books" in Maryland on April, 2 to sign my newest book, Practical Protection Magick along with a few other selected titles of mine. This author event will feature several authors in attendance, including Nora Roberts! You can visit the store's website at http://www.ttpbooks.com/

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  1. Thank you for sharing your story!

    Yes I believe in ghosts; I saw the ghost of my deceased grandfather when I was 12 after my dog woke me up, growling at him. I've had many other encounters with ghosts over the years so OH yes, I believe! ;-D

  2. Sounds great and scary at the same time.
    I have seen things since early childhood and heard and known things that I couldn't have heard, seen or known. After my teenage years I have blocked it, because it scared me so much. Sometimes it comes through the blockade. I just can't seem to cope with it. Don't know how to react. I'm just pretty scared.
    I have just heard that I have Aspergers Syndrome ( a form of autism with normal to high intelligence, it is a very light form and you wouldn't notice that I have it, if following the red path, you would become a shaman, so I've heard from a native American) and one of the things you can have is that you are very highly sensitive, which is what I am. This explains that I can see, hear and feel things that others can't and why I am so scared of it too. I do believe there are energies you can see if you are very sensitive.
    I wish I had learned how to live with it though.

  3. Your book sounds like it going to be a big help to everyone, I know it's something I can use. I saw a ghost man 10 years ago in my home. I was walking through a room in the house, I threw up my arm to keep from hitting him because he appearing right in front of me. I could describe him down to the color of his eyes and while my brain was trying to process the whole experience he faded away. I didn't believe in ghost until that happened and a few other things. I'm relieved to hear it made you nervous, because I was freaking out. I've notice strange things seem to happen to me if I'm not always on guard.
    Theresa N

  4. Thanks for the story.

    I too have seen ghosts (one when I was @6 and about 16 years ago), and I've "felt things" (sounds goofy, eh? ;-) )

    Did they scare me? not the one I saw when I was 6, and the second one did because it was so "unexpected" rather than menacing (similiar to your experience)

    I've seen a few other things that were alarming... but I don't know if it was a ghost or not... LOL. No harm no foul, eh?

    The new book is on my wish list!

  5. Great story... I've been dreaming/seeing things since I was 8 years old. When my stepfather died, I thought I was dreaming - he came into my room and sat on my bed to tell me he had to go... my mother wasn't notified of his death until hours later. I've had various other experiences but have never persued it, but I think I'd like to now. Do you recomend any particular books on that?

  6. I love your story. It's nice to hear a ghost story that is simple rather than sensationalistic. I've had a couple of occasions to see ghosts, and it's never been scary, startling, but not scary.


  7. First, yes, must have your new book! Congrats on yet another publication. Our thoughts must have been in the same place yesterday as I was finishing writing on ghosts myself for today's blog offering. I noted this and included a link this one in my blog, great story, thanks for sharing!

  8. Thanks for sharing your story. I would love to hear about the history you uncovered about the building.

    As a paranormal investigator I totally agree about the existence of ghosts/spirits. I have been touched and obtained quite a bit of evidence.

    Looking forward to reading your book. :)


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