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Hello, Witches, and magickally minded folks!  I have not been blogging a lot lately. (Sorry, my bad,) But I am in the final push to finish up my 13th book for Llewellyn and also working on a 14th project at the same time. If that wasn’t enough to keep me hopping, I have also been touring this spring and working on fiction. Yeah fiction. Hunting for an agent now. Keep your fingers crossed. I do have a couple of agents interested- so we'll see what happens.

Finally the 13th non-fiction book is finished all except for the polishing and the editing. Which I do last. I did this book a little differently this time and wrote it over the course of a year as opposed to my typical "start and finish and ship out in 6 months", routine.
Ellen at the St. Louis Pagan Picnic 2010
In a couple of weeks I will be at The St. Louis Pagan Picnic. This free two day event has been around for over 20 years and I have been attending and giving lectures there for several years now. This year I will only be in attendance on Saturday, June 11th. I will have copies of all of my books for sale and will be happy to sign them. I am giving a free lecture on “Protection Magick” at noon on Saturday also. Here is a picture of me at the Picnic from last year. Thats my husband- off to the side that you can see sitting in a lawn chair.

My coven sister and fellow witchy writer Ember Grant will be there selling her first book this year too, as well as cards featuring her amazing nature photography. We plan to carpool out to the picnic together. Afterwards I insist we go out to dinner at a local Mexican restaurant and order big honking Margaritas! Its become a tradition.

This year for fun I decided to make up little spell kits to sell at the picnic. Each kit includes a crystal, a talisman to wear, a sachet bag full of magickal herbs from my gardens, a candle and of course a spell. No I will not be selling these on my website, nor will I drag them across country when I tour. (People have already asked.) These little spell kits will just be for fun and only for sale at the Picnic. I’m going to keep them under ten bucks.

So, I was up at dawn got in a jog and a nice long walk, came home and cleaned house. My kids are all coming over today and we are going to BBQ. Well okay the Hubs mans the BBQ grill that's his domain.... must never touch or approach the grill. He gets territorial if you do. So while he is out there being all manly- grilling the meat over the gas flames- I will take care of dessert (angel food cake and fresh berries) and all the side dishes. What does it say about me that I mention dessert first? Hmmmm…..

In a couple of weeks I will first announce the working title and topic of the 13th magickal book here on this blog. I won’t do that until its shipped out and safely in my editor’s hot little hands. But I would imagine around mid-June. Then that announcement should be happening.

Enjoy your holiday weekend and blessed be,

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  1. This sounds like such a fun event. It makes me wish I lived closer. I'm pretty isolated in my location. That's one reason I enjoy your blog.

  2. I love the "Spell Kits" idea! I wish I lived way closer so I could come to the picnic!


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