Are You a Good Witch or a Bad Witch?

10:13 AM

Good Morning,
Lately, I have been challenged on a personal level in the mundane world. I've been hip deep in alligators and assholes. (Oh what fun!) It's been tough and I have had to keep a tight rein on my magickal temper. I knew I had lost my grip on it when I found myself planning on casting angry spells and visualizing the delicious outcome, all without a damn for the repercussions. Once I realized I was loosing control of my magick, it gave me a hell of a jolt- and that snapped me back.

I stopped what I was imagining/ plotting. Took some deep breaths, grounded and asked myself if I was working from a place of neutrality, or just rationalizing it all because I was furious?

My hard- earned neutrality was in fact gone. All I had left was fury. My temper danced around me inviting me to turn it loose. It made my teeth clench, my face grow hot and gave me a pounding headache just holding it all in. That's when I knew it was time to cool off and to consider my future magickal actions very, very carefully. So, I yanked my temper under control, tried to calm down, squelched the angry magick and got through the rest of my day feeling magickally hung over.

Yes, I do have a lively sense of humor and often that saves me. However I also have a temper- a bad one. I keep a lid on it most of the time because when it blows, I take no prisoners.
Fact: I am not perfect.
After almost 30 years of being a practicing Witch, I know my dark side and I respect it.

I know exactly what I am capable of when I loose my temper. I have seen the damage that anger and magick can cause. Over the years I have had to learn the hard way how uncomfortable karma and magickal backlash can be. Yes, I have made magickal mistakes in the past. I don't have a problem admitting that. Most importantly I have learned from them and I do NOT repeat them.

Helen Mirren in The Tempest
Oh sure there are bad days when I picture the problem people in my world cowering at my feet while lightning strikes down from the sky. The clouds boil and the earth shakes from the sound of my voice, while my foes quake with fear in my presence.... wait where was I?  Oh yeah, I was explaining how I have learned from my past magickal mistakes. Ha.

So this is what I do. I typically give myself a 24 hour cooling off- no magick- time out. That way I can think. And it allows me to consider all of my options, and to ponder if any magickal intervention on my part would cause even more complications with the situation.

It pays to be cautious and to rely on that inner-wisdom. To think carefully and to consider your actions and whether or not one is acting from a place of neutrality.
Here is a favorite personal phrase to remember, my witchy readers.

"When in doubt, take a magickal time out."  

If your anger has the best of you, and you are plotting magickal revenge, calm down and go talk to some friends. In my case I called a couple of women who I knew would give me a no-bullshit answer and practical magickal advice. Oh, and did they.

After 24 hours had passed I was able to move forward with a clear head. I worked my magick calmly, ethically and neutrally. I was business like and best of all, it felt right.

So when you loose your temper and common sense goes out the window... before you cast a spell, ask yourself the age old question. Are you a good Witch or a bad Witch? Because you will have to live with whatever your answer truly is.

 Blessed be, Ellen

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  1. fantastic post! kudos to you for taking the time to step back and approach the situation more neutrally. it isn't easy, that's for sure. in the end, you are the bigger person and a better practitioner for it. i'm taking a page from your book today to deal with my own frustrations at work. cheers!

  2. Love this!! I always try and leave my anger out of the equation, but it isn't always easy. I have an ex friend who always acts in anger and her life isn't very nice, always negative energy around her as she is a ball of it, but she gets back right what she puts out there. I feel that the universe can take care of things way better than me and I don't accumulate any bad karma either, so win win, and practice makes perfect!!! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Great post! Definitely words to live by!

  4. Great post, and very wise advise :)

  5. Really great post! It is always good to hear about other Witches going through the same thing you are.

  6. What a fantastic post!! KUDOS to you!!
    I love it and I completely agree in every way, it is also nice to see a fellow witch's page bright instead of darkened up. Thank you for your inspiration.
    I am a new follower proudly of yours. You have given me some hope of a decent human being out there.

  7. Indeed. I, too have been there and done all of the above. The repercussions aren't pleasant and have been enough to keep my temper in check. None of us are perfect, but it certainly is good to heard someone like you say it because it puts things back in perspective. Kudos to you for knowing yourself so well!

  8. Great post. I have to watch my mouth once in a while when I am being thoroughly tested to not start talking like the proverbial sailor and spout angrily but for the most part I have learned to keep my temper and even get amused instead but I rarely if ever wish someone out right ill only wishing for them to be permanently away from me and mine. I don't think that's too bad.

  9. Great post and great advice !!
    Have a magical weekend.


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