Looking for my Inner Goddess

9:09 AM

"...there are days I feel beautiful and days I don't, and when I don't, I do something about it."
-Cheryl Tiegs
Good Morning,
For the past three days I have had a migraine, it is finally fading but when you combine stress, with unseasonably warm temperatures that swing into cold and then back to warm, allergies, and did I say stress? Its a nasty combination. 

About a year ago I went to get a haircut before a big author event and it was the haircut of nightmares. The stylist butchered my hair. Yes, I went back to have her "fix" it.... that did not go so well. It was worse. You know its bad when women walk up to you and say very quietly, "Honey, what happened to your hair?" Then start patting you on the back and recommending a stylist. 

So, I have been on this "letting the hair grow out" kick since last April. My hair has not been this long since my children were young. I have had several trims in the past year  to straighten out the damage from the original hatchet job. A few months ago I had my face framed in an effort to get rid of the "shelf" that was on the left side of my hair, and it looks somewhat better. I hit it with a soft ash brown hair color and called it good. Boring, safe, but livable. Lately, when I see myself in the mirror I look tired, predictable and like a middle-aged-glasses-wearing mom. (That's scary). Yeah I wear bifocals now- I can wear my contacts but I'd have to have readers. Its part of the perks of being 48 years old.

No I am not throwing a pity party. Nor am I fishing for compliments. I just have a walloping case of the January blahs. Maybe its coming off a three day migraine and the prospect of having three days off in a row.... but I am itching to go do something to my hair. Highlights, a major cut, something.  So I'm not sure where Im going today but I am going to hit a salon, and let some brave hairdresser work their magick. 

I think maybe if I freshen up my appearance it will inspire me to resume my regular work outs. I have been so overwhelmed with working outside the home again, feeling down in the dumps, and dissatisfied with my appearance, that I have not been eating very healthily, and I need to take better care of myself. And to snap outta my funk.

However, before I go to the salon I'm going to work a quick candle spell for inner beauty and to call out my inner goddess. 
There is a simple candle spell that I wrote for "Finding your inner Goddess," in my Go-Girl-Power book, How to Enchant a Man.
I think I'll work that this morning and see what happens. This particular Inner Goddess spell is on pages 31-32 if you are interested. 

Wish me luck!
Blessed be, Ellen

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  1. good luck! we've all been there, sister. and i've had that book (how to enchant a man) on my wish list for ages, always buying more practical things or things for others before it. i think you just gave me the oomph i need to treat myself to it today. here is to you getting back to feeling awesome and bodacious once more! positive energies are swirling to you from the dirty south!

  2. Sounds great !! Being 47, I know precisely what you mean. I have those days too ; ) Hope your hair looks wonderful !!

  3. This came at a great time, as I am trying to grow out a bad haircut myself, and feeling blah! For the record every pic you ever posted you look beautiful and I should be so lucky too look so good in 6 years.

  4. Oh, I so relate to this. I look in the mirror these days and it seems that time and stress are beginning to do a lot of damage. Yet I know, if I could just do a better job of taking care of myself, I would feel and look differently. And when you already feeling vulnerable, there's nothing like bad hair to completely throw you off your game!

    Let us know how your hair fared this time!


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