Back from Florida & Back to Writing

7:10 AM

My husband and I took an early 30th anniversary trip to Florida last week. Since our anniversary is in mid-March, we decided to take our trip a few weeks early- in February and avoid all the wild and rowdy Spring Break kids. We had a great time on the beach, even though we did not get a lot of sun, the ocean was warm and we had a wonderful romantic and relaxing trip.

The hubs surprised me with a pearl and diamond ring on our first night at the resort. (The 30th anniversary stone is the pearl.) It was a perfect trip, and we needed "just us" time. It was also a treat sleeping with our balcony doors open at night and listening to the surf pound on the beach.

After we returned home, reality intruded on our romantic weekend. I had a few days of catching up on laundry, answering email, sending out online classes, going grocery shopping, and other mundane things. Then finally,  I sat down yesterday at 5:30 am and began cranking out chapter 1 of book #15. (Don't ask- I never announce what the topic of the book is until it's contracted and the title is set.)

I am back to writing full time again, and have been in research mode for a few weeks before we left for the trip. Once I got home I had so much in my mind that I wanted to get onto paper- or the computer screen, as it were. So yesterday, I hit it hard. I took a break and went and got our pictures developed from our trip and then in the afternoon I had a talk with one of my writing friends, about some of the "Old School" principles that the Craft is based upon. I think Christopher and I set a record yesterday and only lost cell phone connection once. Witches on cell phones- it's not always a good mix.

I stayed working at my desk until 7:00 pm yesterday and then finally made myself take a break. I couldn't get my eyes to focus any more. This morning I'm going to go over all of my reams of notes and dive back in. I want to get this proposal off to the publisher ASAP. So that means I need to be industrious and crank out some pages.

Sunrise on Florida beach 2012
In the meantime while I am writing away.... I'm going to play my new background music CD that I purchased yesterday while I was out picking up our trip photos. Its a nature CD and is only the sounds of the ocean and the surf.
If I close my eyes and listen I can imagine myself back on the beach, and not surrounded by the February snow and cold here at home.
Blessed be, Ellen

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  1. Early congratulations on your 30th wedding anniversary. Quite an achievement these days ; )
    I see you had a lovely time.
    My husband and I will be celebrating our 25th anniversary on May 27th ; )
    Have a magical day and greetings from the cold Netherlands.


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