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9:32 AM

Good Morning,
As many of you know I am currently putting together a book proposal for magickal book #15. I have been buried in reference books and notes for weeks and lately my home office has felt stuffy and "off". I have a big corner desk and it's well... in the corner. After a year of my office being arranged like this I was starting to feel a little smothered. 

I was chatting with a writer friend of mine yesterday, Tess. I told Tess I was thinking about turning the desk around or rearranging the office. She asked me how my desk was oriented. Was my back was to the wall, or was my back to the door?
I said, "My back is to the door. The desk faces the far corner of the room," and she gasped in horror.
Apparently having your back to the door is a major Feng Shui no-no for any office- let along a home office.

Tess is the perfect wise woman to ask as she is a Feng Shui consultant, and has written a great book called Magical Housekeeping. Here is a picture of her first book.
I first met Tess at INATS back in 2010 and she is just the kindest and sweetest person. We hit it off and have stayed friends.

So after our conversation was finished, I called my oldest son- it was his day off- and I asked him to help me rearrange my office. I bribed him by offering to buy him lunch, and he came over a bit later and helped me disconnect and move the desk. And then he reconnect all the computer and printer equipment for me. Goddess knows he is so much faster at it than I am.

After I was back up and running, I sprung for lunch and then I came home and de-cluttered and cleaned. Then I lit some candles, blessed the office with my "Elemental Workspace Charm" which can be found on page 49 in my book Cottage Witchery: Natural Magick for Hearth & Home, and got down to business.
Finally I cranked out some pages yesterday afternoon and made real progress on that proposal.  Whoo Hoo!

It feels so much better in my office now. My daughter dropped by last night and peeked in the office and rolled her eyes at me and announced, "Mom, I told you last year to turn your desk around. How in the hell could you be creative facing the corner?" Darn kids. It's my trial in life to have my adult children sigh and roll their eyes at me.

Anyway, I'm going to look around today and see if I can find a little lucky bamboo plant or African Violet to put in my office. Since I can't bring in flowers from the garden, with it being winter, maybe I'll pick up a little houseplant today and cheer myself up with a green plant. Plus a little green magick is just the thing for my home office.

In other book news... I should be able to finally make an announcement next week on book project #14. Its been a couple of years in the making. And I am so excited that I will finally be able to share the news. (Cover art too!) So far I can tell you this much.... Book project  #14 will be released in the fall of 2012 or early 2013.
I'll keep you all posted. 

Now I have to get to work on the next book proposal. It certainly feels lighter and brighter in my cozy little home office. Remember to take the time to de-clutter and to magickally enhance your own office at home. I bet you'll be charmed by the results!

Blessed be, Ellen

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  1. Crap - I just moved my desk into the corner - back to the door.

    *sigh* Can your son come help me for a sec? :D

  2. Back to the door is a big no no. I still have my back to a window, but not directly. It's bad FS though. Found your blog recently, and am enjoying!!!

  3. i remember in grade school the our seats were all back to the door, maybe thats why non of us could ever concentrate or get creative:S. I couldn't ever think of anything unless i was at home in my room/sacred space

  4. My desk is in the corner too... time to move it, I guess :( . I did get an African Violet a month or so ago, she sits on my short file cabinet and keeps me company.


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