Best laid plans....

7:16 AM

Good Morning,
As a Virgo, I always have a plan, a schedule, and actually- I work better when I stick to that. But when something  throws off my plans, it sends me in a tail spin. At the moment I have several annual articles that are due- two in a matter of days, I am finishing up teaching one class, and then I decided to offer a new class in September on my Witches Tarot...

Fall tour dates are fast approaching, not to mention various coven gatherings, and planning and preparing for my families big Gothic Halloween party we throw every year. I actually have a -- wait for it-- a list hanging above my desk with all of the classes, author events, article and book deadlines, and coven gatherings from now until March 2013.

Yeah, yeah go ahead and snicker. But I gotta admit, that list helps me stay sane- sort of. If that wasn't enough to keep me hopping.... I just got the contract back all signed, sealed and delivered for magickal book #15. (So now I have a new 6 month deadline looming to finish writing that book.)
Jeez I feel out of breath just listing that all down.
If I had a theme song it would be "Flight of the bumblebee".)

I typically am hard at work writing, so you may be wondering, what's got my knickers in a twist?
Answer: The tarot deck was released a month early. While it was a wonderful surprise, it still caught me off guard- and that sent me scrambling.
While we, (and by we I mean Mark, the artist and I) thought we would have August to get the art prints, and other assorted goodies together and be ready to roll by early September, the early release of the deck pushed everything forward. Its been fun and exciting and the art prints are coming... so I hope that folks will hang in there. Mark is working as fast as he can to get the prints ready. For more information follow this link to see about the prints.

 On a personal level, my master plan included quietly taking the month of August and calmly writing all those articles while teaching my summertime 4 part Practical Magick class.  The plan was that this would give me a month to psych myself up for the craziness that I knew would hit when the deck was released in September.

So now I'm in a panic trying to get the articles done and keep up with the requests and correspondence generated from the new deck. We won't mention that next book tapping it's foot at me while I scramble to get everything else done- so I can focus solely on that. No, best not to mention that- at all.

Ah well, best laid plans. Last night,I sat down and made up a new schedule of deadlines (including the next book) and typed it all up nice and neat. I printed it out an hung it on the wall. While the sheer size of the list makes me flinch, I am going to cross projects and events off my list one by one.
Hopefully this will keep me from being too overwhelmed and scattered.
There.  All organized.
All is right with my world.
I think.

You know what? I need a minion.

Blessed be, Ellen

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  1. I'm totally with you on the list front Ellen! Family call me the 'Queen of lists' in fact but that's fine. My lists stop my head buzzing and there's always that moment of immense satisfaction when you start ticking things off!

    1. Lists save us from chaos... that and the occasional peice of dark chocolate!

  2. Toward end of each month I try to visit some blogs and I came over though “the secret life of the American Working Witch”
    As for written out plans over the years I learn and try to practice. Did you see I said “practice” but it doesn't always work out for me. So I figure if 80% of my plan went as plan I'm doing flips of joy.
    Sound like your buzy hope you have a few minutes to stop on in at my blog for cup of coffee.

    1. Thank you for the comment. I'll look up your blog after lunch today!

  3. You're amazing - and an inspiration. I love how you keep it real, and don't hide it when you are struggling to keep it together. You are so genuine! I love the wall schedule idea... think I will make one of my own this afternoon. Another lovely post Ellen.

    1. Thanks Lenora,
      I went outside and worked in the gardens for a while... That was my break. Now I'm about to dive back in.
      Thanks and Blessed be, Ellen

  4. Hire an assistant! If I were still living in your area I'd definitely volunteer...
    I can't tell you how much I'm loving the new deck - particularly the Queen of Wands, Strength, and the Empress. Your new interpretations are fabulous and fresh, and besides the splendid artwork, I really adore the integration of all the plant symbolism. What an achievement, Ellen!

    1. I am so pleased you are enjoying the Witches Tarot. I will be sure to pass along your compliments to Mark on the art! Thanks. You made my day!


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