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Today, August 13th is the old Pagan festival day of the goddess, Hecate. Hecate is a triple goddess and could appear in any number of guises. Many folks assume that she is just a haggard old Crone. This is simply not the case. Hecate was described as beautiful, glorious and  "she of the shining headband". Hecate could appear as a maiden, a lovely matron or as a silver haired woman who wears her years beautifully. It was this last manifestation that I chose to portray in the Witches Tarot.

Hecate makes an appearance in my new Witches Tarot deck in The Moon card. As you can see all of the classic symbolism associated with Hecate are portrayed in the card. The waning moon, the silver-haired, torch bearing woman. She is standing at the foggy crossroads and is accompanied by three wolves.

"The Moon" card- Witches Tarot
Around Hecate's throat is a Hecate's wheel pendant. At her waist is the pentagram and three skeleton keys. In the background we see two willow trees. The willow is not only associated with the moon and magick, this tree is also associated with Hecate herself. www.witchestarot.com

Here is more information on Hecate. Please Note: The following information on Hecate is from my book, Book of Witchery.  And it is protected under copyright laws.
"Hecate was one of the original Titans. Even after Zeus defeated the Titans, he kept Hecate in power to assist the mortals. Zeus honored Hecate greatly by granting her a share over the earth, the sky and the sea. Originally Hecate was considered a generous and compassionate goddess, it was in later myths that she became associated with darker and more frightening magicks. She developed into the patron of sorcerers and became associated with the underworld, dark mysteries, crossroads and graveyards. Hecate became known as the Queen of the Witches and the guardian of the crossroads.
Today, Hecate is a powerful and protective deity for Witches. If you feel the need to defend yourself, your property or your family, Hecate is the one to call upon."- Book of Witchery

Today we have a Monday (the day associated with the moon), and we are in a waning moon phase. This is a most auspicious time for Hecate's festival.  Remember that Hecate is not to be called lightly. She is a powerhouse, and you can experience many strange things when she is near. Candles may flicker and snap, dogs will howl- as they sense when Hecate is near. The following general invocation can be used when you would like Hecate to assist you or simply to honor her presence in your life. This invocation is copyrighted and also comes from my Book of Witchery.

Cauldrons, three keys and black dogs that bay at the moon,
Grant me wisdom and strength, pray hear this Witch's tune.
Goddess of the crossroads, Hecate, I call on you,
Come lend your magick to mine, my need id strong and true.
Hecate Invocation Copyrighted- by Ellen Dugan

Book of Witchery- Ellen Dugan
For more information and magick with Hecate check out the, Book of Witchery: Spells, Charms & Correspondences for Every day of the Week.
Happy Hecate's day and Blessed be,

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