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I thought for something fun I would highlight the Major Arcana cards from my Witches Tarot over the next few months... I figured it would be best to start with the beginning so we begin with "The Fool" card. The following text is copyrighted material and comes from my Witches Tarot Companion Book

The sequence of the twenty two cards in the Major Arcana tell us the story of The Fool’s journey. With the first card number 0 we see the Fool begin his quest, young, carefree, happy and open to the experiences of his spiritual passage. By the time the Fool works his way through to the final Major Arcana card, numbered twenty-one, The World, our traveler is older, wiser and has embraced the mysteries of his path. 

This Major Arcana card is all about the daring leap of faith, Sure it is possible that you might make a mistake, or fall down, but hey! You can always get right back up again. Sometimes that is the best way to learn, by following your dreams and daring to do. The Fool encourages you to be open to new prospects and ideas. he dares you to step outside of the box. Live on the edge- be confident and bold. There is a whole wide magickal world out there... go explore it!

 Key Words: 
Follow your bliss. Adventure, fresh starts, exploration, a journey. 
New ideas, take a chance and chase your dreams. The beginning of a spiritual quest, exploring a new magickal path or tradition. The leap of faith.-Ellen Dugan, Witches Tarot Companion

The Fool card opens your personal chapter on new adventures, and a spiritual journey. This card is perfect to work with when you are starting a new job, or beginning a course of magickal studies. Embrace the spiritual lesson of the Fool, and see what wonders he has to show you and look forward to what great adventures you will have. 

It takes a courageous person to listen to their heart, and to follow their bliss. There is a sacred wisdom to the Fool. Pay attention and see where he leads you.
Blessed be,

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  1. I bought your new deck as my first tarot deck, and wow what a fabulous way to begin the magickal journey of the cards! In fact, I just left you a 5-Star Amazon Review. :-)

    The art is beautiful, and I've left a note for Mark too!

    And your companion book is a wonderful witchy way to learn the entire tarot world.

    Thank u!!! And Blessed Be!!!

    1. Thanks DD! I appreciate the review! I'm going to go look right now! Glad you are enjoying the deck and the book!

  2. Merry Meet Ellen!

    I just purchased the Witch's Tarot last week and I am having a blast exploring the deck and book. It's funny that you started posting the Major Arcana cards because today I pulled The Fool as my card of the day. Synchronicity is the best!

    Blessed Be!


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