Announcing the working title of my 15th Book!

6:47 AM

Good morning,

Well after a marathon session of proofreading and polishing yesterday... It is all done. I started at 5:00am in my PJ's, fuzzy socks and hoodie. Stopped for breakfast and lunch but otherwise stayed at my desk until 2:30pm. Then I laid flat on the floor of my office to stretch out my back for about 30 minutes. (Still wearing my PJ's.)
I was wiped out but decided to go and work out anyway- especially after sitting still for so long- so I got up, pulled my hair into a ponytail, put on workout clothes and headed to the gym.

My trainer was so surprised to see me strolling in (okay staggering in) at 3:45 in the afternoon, I am typically a workout in the morning girl, that he walked over to me. As he got closer he looked concerned and asked me if I was alright. I smiled tiredly and said in explanation, "The book is finally done!"

This only seemed to concern him. He leaned in and said, "Ellen you have bags under your eyes. Are you okay?" I made a snarky reply about the glamor of being an author and he shook his head and told me to go easy today on the workout, and then to take a nap when I got home. Sweet talker.

I did a shorter workout, went home, hit the shower and made dinner. Because I felt celebratory I poured myself a half glass of wine. (Yeah I know, party animal alert!) While I was eating dinner I was inspired to go ahead and send the whole she-bang to my editor. So after I cleaned up the kitchen- I went back into my office and stayed there for a few more hours.
All sent in- officially done and off my desk! However, by time I was "done", I had trouble focusing my very bloodshot eyes, and I staggered to the couch and stayed put for the evening. Then gave up and went to bed early.

If you were paying attention to my Pinterest boards you may have clued in to the topic a few months ago....  Anyway, without further ado, the working title for my 15th book is...

Practical Prosperity Magick: Witchery for Success & Abundance.  
Now, that is the "working title". So while the main title should stay the same, the subtitle might get tweaked. That will be up to Llewellyn to decide.
The book is set up in a similar manner to Practical Protection Magick- and is the latest in my "Practical Magick" series. Release date for book 15 should be late spring 2014. Oh and before you ask- no I do not have any say over when a book will be released.

This book took me on an interesting journey. It has more advanced magickal techniques, fresh ideas and plenty of witchery to keep you busy and working towards success and prosperity.
In other news I will have a book coming out in Fall 2013. Sorry for the secrecy- but the publisher has asked me not to reveal what it will be until they give me the go-ahead.

Today's plans are pretty simple. Rest up, relax and re-charge.I think I have earned it.
Blessed be, Ellen

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