Practical Prosperity Magick, The Natural Psychic and my Shop of Witchery

6:39 AM

I realized that in the whirl and rush of Practical Prosperity Magick coming out in 2 weeks, finishing up Book #16, and working on three other book projects, plus life in general, I had not posted to my blog in a while.
First news- Practical Prosperity Magick is hot off the presses and will be released in two weeks! I received my advanced author copies and they look great!

The reviews have been positive and I am excited to start promoting this one! In two weeks I will be appearing at the St. Louis Pagan Picnic, and I will be there with plenty of copies so come on out sit in on my FREE class on prosperity magick and come and get yourself a book. (As always I will also have copies of all of my books and tarot deck, Witches Tarot, at my booth on author's row for sale.)
For more information on the Pagan Picnic click on the link!

In other news... I heard back from my editor on the launch meeting for my first non-witchcraft title- what I had been affectionately referring to as "Book #16th"  and the official title will now be "The Natural Psychic: Ellen Dugan's Personal Guide to the Psychic Realm".
I am thrilled with the book and can't wait for you all to see it next year. I know, I know... a year away. As soon as I get a firm release date I will announce it of course. The Natural Psychic will be released in Spring/ Summer 2015.

I decided to let myself really be creative this year and I opened an Etsy store this spring for my arts and witch-crafts. Here is the link so you can check it out!

I have been having so much fun with the shop and the items are selling like hotcakes! The vintage looking wooden signs are very popular. Here is a little collage of a few of the witchy wooden signs that I have conjured up!

That's right, I make these myself.
Each one of these wooden signs I personally paint, stencil, distress and or antique, as well as seal and then I sign every one of them on the back! 
In addition to the fun wooden signs I also sell wands, pentacles, bewitching nesting boxes, and Altered Book of Shadows!  The first one that I created  sold in 2 minutes flat. So I am working on two more. Each altered book will be one of a kind and unique.
To the left is a sample from one of the new book of shadows. They are labor intensive but I enjoy the process and I have fabulous theme pages such as; Gothic, witchy, vintage, botanical, Halloween, floral, nature and so forth. The altered books include spells of my own design, as well as plenty of places for you to journal and write in your own favorite spells.

I hope you enjoy your spring.
Blessed be, Ellen

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  1. Dear Ellen,
    I checked your shop already a week ago and all items are very beautiful. Pity that you can ship them only in the US at this moment! We don't have much of similar things here in the UK yet.
    Good luck with the promotion! I recommend to everyone your Practical Protection Magic book and am looking forward to read the Prosperity magic as well.


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