Spells Of The Heart is available for preorder!

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Happy Summer!

Spells Of The Heart, the 7th book in the Legacy Of Magick series is available for preorder now!
Release date is June 30th, 2017 and the paperback will be released on that day also.

Here is the link for the $2.99 Kindle. Spells Of The Heart Kindle version

And here is the back cover blurb for Spells Of The Heart:

Love is a spell of the heart not easily broken...

Being a Witch didn’t guarantee that Autumn Bishop would stroll through life without any challenges. Sometimes it meant quite the opposite. Autumn has spent the last six months renovating her historic home, and it turns out that she’s not alone in the bungalow. The ghost of her great-aunt Irene is also in residence, and the old girl has been having a field day frightening away any contractor who attempts to take on the renovations of “her” house.

There’s only one contractor who won’t be put off by a haunted house, and that’s Duncan Quinn. Out of options, Autumn agrees to hire her ex—because as a fellow practitioner there’s no reason they can’t simply be friends. And it certainly doesn’t matter that he looks better than ever.

However, the ghost has an agenda, and she’s not above using magick to get her way. When Autumn tries a recipe from Irene’s old cookbook, it yields surprising and sexy results. As Autumn and Duncan grow closer they uncover a secret, one that affects both of their legacies and could change the futures of the Bishop and the Drake families forever.

Spells Of The Heart by Ellen Dugan

This is the SEVENTH book in my paranormal series. In order the series is:
Paranormal Fiction Series by Ellen Dugan

Legacy Of Magick Series
Book 1: Legacy Of Magick
Book 2: Secret Of The Rose
Book 3: Message Of The Crow
Book 4: Beneath An Ivy Moon
Book 5: Under The Holly Moon
Book 6: Bewitched & Beloved- (Dual book with Barbara Devlin)
Book 7: Spells Of The Heart

Books 1-6 in the Legacy Of Magick series by Ellen Duga

I hope you will enjoy this latest installment in the series and YES there is a sneak peek in the back of the book at the next full length novel in the LOM series!
Blessed be, Ellen 

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