Daughters Of Midnight- a new paranormal series coming soon!

6:54 AM

I am excited to announce that I have a third paranormal fiction series in the works. The Daughters Of Midnight.

Sneak peek of cover art for Midnight Gardens by Ellen Dugan

Book one is entitled Midnight Gardens and it will be up for pre-order by the end of March.
Book 2 and 3 will follow roughly every 4-6 weeks afterward.
© Logo for Daughters Of Midnight series by Ellen Dugan ©

Stay tuned! I'll be releasing the full cover art and a link to pre-order Midnight gardens in only a couple of days!
In the meantime, Gypsy Spirit book two in my Gypsy Chronicles series is doing very well. And I'll probably write a third book... after I finish all the other projects I have in the works this year. 

Blessed be, and happy reading, Ellen

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  1. Awesome! Can't wait to read the new series :) Happy to hear we are getting Gypsy series book 3!!!

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