Back to Work and Witchery!

7:22 AM

Well, the new year is here, my sinus infection is almost over, and I'm back to work and witchery! For the past few days I've been working on finally putting together the "Herb Magick" Online class. I started it in November and then well... life got in the way.

With one of my kids moving out on his own, the rearranging of the house, painting bedrooms....Moving my daughter into a larger bedroom, me taking over her old bedroom to finally have an office.With a door that shuts! (As opposed to being tucked into a corner of the little breezeway)- A room that had four, count 'em, four doors! Not to mention the holiday season... It's been pretty crazy here at home for a while.

So I'll be working away at the Herb Magick online class for the next few weeks and hope to have it ready to go before Imbolc. Just me the computer, my books, and my herbal witchy experiments! Sort of like this.....

As you will soon discover I have a passion for vintage witch everything. So I am going to indulge myself on this blog and add some fun and vintage images from time to time. Above is pictured Veronica Lake from the 1940's movie, "I Married a Witch". 

In other news the proof pages for Practical Protection Magick, are all finished and headed off to the printer in the next week. The book should hit the store shelves by early March. You can pre-order it now at or through

In the meantime if you need a fix and want to read something new of mine. Check out the Llewellyn 2011 Witches' Calendar. I have an article in the back of the calendar this year entitiled, "Your Furry Familiar". Its about the magick of working with your dog or cat.
Or take another look at my award-winning book, The Enchanted Cat. Its filled with spells, magick and information that you can use to deepen the connection you have with your feline familiar.

Blessed be, Ellen

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  1. Hi Ellen!
    Cool new spot! I almost forgot about that movie..... hysterical!!!!
    (Can't wait for the new book)

  2. I have that calendar; just hung it up the other day. I hadn't really looked through it, so thanks for pointing out your article! ;-D

  3. I buy Llewllyns Datebook every year and always read it cover to cover. Matter of fact I think that's on today agenda, maybe I'll start at the back this year. :)

  4. Ellen, I Married a Witch is one of my favourite movies, along with Bell, Book, and Candle. Love the site and am looking forward to the new book; already have the calender.


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