Need a Witches' Night Out!

9:33 AM

I was woken up this morning by the phrase NO mother wants to hear by a child standing over their bed. "Mom, I feel like I'm going to throw up..."
With this mere phrase any mother can snap out of a coma-like sleep and spring into action faster than a cheetah. It matters not, gentle readers, whether your child is three years old or twenty three years old.

The "child" in question was my soon-to-be 23 year old daughter and she was mostly upset because she was supposed to go to work today and she never, ever misses work.
So, I did what all mothers do. Jumped out of bed, asked if she had a fever- she did not. Offered white soda, urged her to go back to her own bed, from where she called her boss, and got a garbage can to put by her bed just in case. (As she was a fascinating shade of pale green.)

She promptly fell back to sleep,and I was wide awake and wating for the adrenalin to wear off... So I made myself some hot chocolate before I considered killing someone, and reminded myself that there was a good chance I would be getting out tonight for a movie night, with the girls from the coven.

I feel the need for retail therapy, and a break. So I will probably head to yon local mall today and get the hell out of the house for a while. Sometimes working at home is wonderful and sometimes it can make you stark raving mad. Take a wild guess which category I am currently in.

Also as I am back on a strict diet- lost two pounds last week -(yeah me!) I am of course craving dark chocoalte. I do have a recipe of my own concoction for fat free- sugar fee hot chocolate.
It's 1 and 1/4 cups of skim milk. Zap in microwave for two and a half minutes. Add 1 tablespoon of coccoa powder and two packets of nutrasweet. Whisk and enjoy. Guilt free.

So wish me luck on my get-out-of-the-house-adventure today. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the coven movie night will work out as well. Now I have to settle down and try and get some work done. My calico cat is hogging my desk and has her chin resting on my arm as I type meanwhile the unfinished online Herb Magick class is tapping its foot at me...
Blessed be, Ellen

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  1. Good luck Ellen! Anything is possible when you combine coffee, chocolate and witchcraft =D

  2. A mom's work is never done!!

  3. I Love that image/quote above! So true!

    I really hope movie night works out - sounds like a timely need....

    LOVE your blog, ADORE the snarkiness....Thanks for sharing more of your thoughts with us all through this lovely blog (best blog decor award!!)

  4. I know just what you mean about working from home; I do too and that "stark raving mad" part is familiar to me!

    I love your Blog design; is today's picture from the movie "Bell, Book and Candle"? I think I recognize it.

    I hope your daughter feels better soon!


  5. Hey girl! I'm with Nadia, LOVE the decor! :> Hope #1 daughter is continuing to feel better. Know what you mean about needing to get OUT of the house. Home office = great, until the walls close in and you need people energy. Grins.

    Have a great day!

  6. Yes Cheryl the new header is from Bell, Book and Candle. I made the header myself yesterday with a google image just for fun!

  7. That's a great picture of Kim Noval from that movie... one of my favorites even before I found my path


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