The "Charm" of Winter

8:25 AM

Okay after being cooped up in the house for a few weeks the crappy winter weather is starting to get to me. This is the time of year the Garden Witch (that’s me) starts to sulk. The garden is sleeping away under the snow and spring is still two long months away….

Yesterday I was so stir crazy that I bundled up in my Under Armor cold gear, and braved the lack of sidewalks in my snow-covered neighborhood. I walked on the parts of the streets that had been cleared and did two miles dodging icy patches. All the while being alert for oncoming traffic.

Once I walked up to the local park – which had the walking loop all clear- and I was able to turn up the volume on my Ipod and  hit it. I saw some families out sledding down the big park hill. It was a good day for it as the temperatures were in the mid thirties and there was (for once) no wind.

Walking outside in the winter time for me is always risky. Why? Well because if its windy or too cold I tend to get a sinus infection- That’s how I got one in December. Plus If I even see ice anywhere- there is a good chance I’ll fall. It’s a reflex. I see that ice and somehow- even if I’m on a dry textured surface- I slip. Grace is not my middle name. I have hopes to be elegant and graceful in my next life…

So that leaves me watching the thermometer, and hoping the temps hit around 36 degrees Fahrenheit, with no wind. Then I’ll layer up and try and go for a 2 or 3 mile walk. The high school track is snow and ice covered so no jogging laps for now. Which leaves the park and the walking loop or workout DVD’s at home. I refuse to spend a ton of money on a treadmill- I hate them and I prefer to be outside when I exercise so I have something to look at like trees, flowers, or birds, while I’m walking or jogging. 

I honestly do prefer to be outside when I am working out. So winter is always a challenge for me. (And my typically sunny disposition.) Ahem.
I should probably join a gym or something but it would only be for three months… would they let me do that? Oh and I fully admit that I can’t stand having people watch while I work out. If I wanted an opinion I’d join a gym.
Oh wait… well ha!

I do enjoy watching the birds in the winter at our birdfeeders. I like a merry crackling fire in the woodstove, I do enjoy building an occasional snowman. But how in the hell people live and survive in places farther North I have no freaking idea. They must be descended from the Vikings. Oh wait a minute my Grandfather’s mother was from Denmark. Maybe I need to call on Freya and embrace my inner Danish Viking woman.
Lets see...
Freya, hear the call of your daughter,
Help me to avoid falling on frozen water...

Nah, thats a bit Snarky, even for me. I'll have to come up with something pretty, more befitting of Freya and do that instead.  
So, do I have anything good to say about the snow, ice, the cold and winter?
Ummm give me a moment. I’m thinking that over.
Can I get back to you, say in the Spring?

Blessed be, Ellen

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  1. Ha! I have similar feelings about winter. Your call to Freya made me chuckle. :D

  2. Thanks for reminding me about the one part of Winter I DO enjoy - watching all the different species of birds at my feeder. And all the squirrels too! Of course, schlepping TO the feeders to fill them every day is another matter! ;-D

  3. Here in New Zealand we are in summer...
    feel free to pop in for some sunshine,warmth & summer harvesting.

    Keep warm!

    Love Leanne


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