Full Moon Witchery- and the Online Classes

7:55 AM

Good Morning,
Maybe it's just one of those things, but I personally start to feel the tug of the full moon about a week before it actually arrives. I woke up this morning and wondered why I felt so sulky when I realized that with all of the clouds from the recent snow, that  I had not seen the moon in a while.
My internal "clock" thought we were about a week or so away from the full moon phase and as I shuffled into my office this morning, I looked over at my Witches' Calendar to check and noticed that in fact, the full moon is a week away.

Which reminded me to update my newest class files. So, I went to my full moon mini-class files to update the lunar eclipse information (dates) for 2011 and I sat and thought deep witchy thoughts for a while. The moon, while unseen at the moment still pulls and directs us all, especially if you are a Witch or magician. And I could really feel her direction this morning.

With the first full moon of 2011, only a week away, the timing for updating that eclipse date information seemed appropriate. After all it's a Wednesday- a day for communication, and a waxing moon phase- for increase. I like it!

I started offering online classes almost two years ago, because I kept getting requests for them from fans. Once I started- the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. So I added more classes. Every once in a while I get a random letter from someone telling me that I should not charge for online courses... and how they are all offended by that. Which is immediately followed by a request to send them a class for free. (Nope not kidding.)

I once had someone get up in my face, and demand to know how could I "dare" to charge for classes. My response was,  If you went to the community college, you expected to pay for your courses. You did not march up to yon local proffesor and stomp your foot and tell them that it was against the rules to have to pay for their time and effort in creating a class and teaching it. Then I stood there and smiled. The person in question just made a sound sort of like a balloon loosing air... and skulked away.

Truthfully, my criteria for doing online classes was and still is, pretty straightforward.
First, they had to be kept at an affordable price, (The class prices range from $22.00 dollars to $45.00 each.)
The classes had to be user friendly and work-at-your-own- pace, and finally any class I designed had to be a topic that I enjoyed or was passionate about. Plus I thought it would be a good idea to link the classes straight back to my books that the readers already enjoyed.

Currently I offer six different online classes. The  Four Elements of Witchcraft, Advanced Natural Magick, The Autumn Sabbats, The Spring Sabbats, Natural Magick for Hearth & Home, and most recently I added the Full Moon Mini class.

The Full Moon mini-class features lessons, and a full moon ritual for each of the full moons of the calendar year. January through December. There is also a Lunar eclipse ritual and a ritual for a Blue Moon. Which brings the total up to fourteen lunar rituals in all.
The required text for the Full Moon mini-class is my, Book of Witchery. This class is only $22.00 and like all of my online classes- is emailed to you in Rich Text Format within 24 hourts of payment being verified through PayPal.

So, here is your chance to be all set with lessons, full moon magick and witchery before the first full moon of the year. Also, just for fun, if you order any of my online classes before February the first, I'll add a free Imbolc Ritual as a bonus.

Oh and yes, I am still working away on that future online Herb Magick class. I hope to have that one up and ready to offer by the end of the month. I'm thinking the class price will be thirty bucks, or under.
How do I come up with the class prices? Well it all depends how many pages the class ends up being. Which is the reason the Natural Magick for Hearth & Home class is $45.00 dollars. The amount of information that comes with that class is massive. So I adjusted the price accordingly.

If you are intersted in checking out the online classes I offer please vist my website http://www.ellendugan.com/ and click on the "Online Classes" tab at the top of the page.

Well, I better hop on my broom and fly outta here. My daughter's birthday is today and I need to bake her a cake and get her presents out.
Have a great Wednesday everyone and Blessed be,

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  1. Great blog. The answer to the person was right on. It never ceases to amaze me that people want to be able to access, free of charge, the knowledge that others have spent years acquiring!!

  2. I've never understood why people don't think that we witches should charge for our time. I don't mind helping people out once in awhile but come on. I liked your answer Ellen. Even though I've been practicing for some time I always think it's good to take a class every now and again. It kind of wipes the cobwebs away. I may be taking one of yours very soon. Thanks for putting them together.

  3. Ooh! Now I need to ponder which classes I'd love to take!

  4. How ridiculous. Of COURSE you need to charge for your work! I can't imagine how anyone could expect otherwise.

    Is this full-moon mini class the same one from September of 2010, or has it been updated?

  5. Loved your blog! Just finished your "Natural Witchery" book and couldn't put it down! I've been a on-off again solitary witch for the past five years and was greatley surprised by how many "witchly" things I have been instincivly doing- mostly concerning the full moon. Thanks again!


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