Don’t Blame it on the Moon…

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Our upcoming full moon on Saturday March 19th has been blamed for a lot of natural disasters lately. Which is pretty silly if you ask me. It’s not the moons fault! The news coming out of Japan, and the floods in the East Coast of the United States are tough to watch, no doubt about it. But lately I’ve been seeing all these random articles blaming the moon and the upcoming “Super Full Moon” for all the natural disasters and various weather problems!

So what’s all the fuss about this particular full moon, anyway? The fuss is that the moon will simply look larger in the sky on Saturday night, and it will be a little closer to us than it usually is. That’s it.

The technical term for this, is the full moon will be at lunar perigee. Which means the moon will be at its closest point of its orbit around the earth.

On March 19- 2011 the moon will be a distance of just 221,567 miles from the earth. This is the closest it has come since 1992.  While this is a closer than average pass, we should keep in mind that each month as the moon orbits the earth it has a point where it is at perigee.
At perigee the moon looks about 12 % bigger in the sky. Here is an illustration of the full moon at perigee and at apogee. (The closest and farthest points in it’s orbit.)

While March’s full moon is closer than normal, its nothing out of the ordinary-- as both a full moon and new moon at perigee happens every year.  On Saturday the moon will simply be at perigee and it’s in the full moon phase. Which is a fabulous opportunity for spell casting.

As Witches and magickal practitioners, what we should be asking ourselves is…. How can I tap into that lunar energy? Well here’s a thought… get your happy ass out there under it and soak some in!
Also as the full moon at perigee will occur on Ostara eve- the night before the Vernal Equinox, here is a great opportunity to link some full moon magick into your Sabbat celebrations.
Think about it, all the intensity and magick of the full moon, and its closer to us on this night- plus the energy of the new spring season. The energies of growth, birth, prosperity and opportunity are just out there in the natural world ...and waiting for a clever Witch to tap into them and to direct these energies out to create a positive change.  The possibilities are endless.

My coven will be meeting on Saturday night to celebrate both the full moon and Ostara. We’ll be dying eggs together which will be fun, and then having a ritual to celebrate.  Afterwards we’ll share some food (I’m going to make a spinach quiche- egg dishes seemed appropriate to me) and we will feast, drink a little wine and enjoy the moon, the magick of the Sabbat, and each other’s company. 

If you are looking for some ideas for your own Sabbat celebrations check out my “Spring Sabbats” online class. It covers the history and magick of Ostara and Beltane and the full moons in between. There are reading assignments and homework and of course spells and magick all focusing around the two spring sabbats.

Or consider my “Full Moon Magick” mini class. This affordable moon magick class has lessons and reading assignments, and of course it covers all twelve of the full moons of the year, and it also has a ritual for a blue moon and a lunar eclipse. That way you have a total of fourteen lunar rituals to use throughout the year.
Also if you order any of my online classes before March 20th I will include a Winter to Spring Psychic Protection Spell, absolutely free. You can sign up for the online classes on my website just click on the “Online Classes tab” then choose from the seven online classes I offer.

Oh and YES, I am still doing online Tarot readings. I offer a full reading and a mini reading. You can sign up for a reading on my website. Click on the “Special Offer-Tarot Readings” tab. Here is the link to my website

The Vintage image above I found online- its a Witch on a broom- with a basket of eggs!
Its the Ostara Witch!  I thought she was wicked cool.

So, be sure to use this week to study, plot and plan your upcoming Full Moon and Ostara/ Vernal Equinox celebrations. Personally I’m going to pull my spring decorations out of storage today and get some spring mood going in my house. I have a big wreath with a yellow satin pentagram woven in the center of it. The wreath is covered in silk daffodils and lilac blossoms. I want that on my front door today.

May your full moon at perigee and Ostara celebrations be enchanting ones!
Blessed be, Ellen

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  1. What a clear explanation of what's happening with the moon! I think people just try to find some sense in what is otherwise senseless destruction. If the moon wasn't close to lunar perigee, people would have been blaming it on sunspots or the major solar flares that have been occurring over the last few days, charging up earth's aurora borealis.

    Your ideas on celebrating the Spring Sabbats are wonderful! I need to put the last of my Spring decorations out too - thanks for the inspiration to get moving! ;-D

  2. Great minds think alike... I got my decorations out last night! I need to put my wreath together though, but that'll take a stop by the craft store first.
    As always, love your blog! Thanks!

  3. Love this post... I needed a push to get my spring in gear! Thanks!

  4. I can't wait for this full moon. Thanks for the info. LOVE AND LIGHT! Camille

  5. A lovely and informative post. Thanks!

  6. Hi
    here in NZ we have Ken Ring - known as the moon man

    I am very open to his theories, but then I love the moon & garden by the moon.

    I do not think his stance is scary - some people may be frightened. If anything Ken has highlighted how important it is to be prepared - and we have got organised & organised emergency kits - something we all know we should do - but often do not get around to it.

    This blog post I found really interesting too

    happy Ostra to you - down under we are gearing up for Mabon - hubby has been gathering twigs for the bonfire.

    Blessed Be


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