Tarot Readings and Madame Zolta

7:30 PM

We all have a picture in our head of the perfect tarot reader/ Fortune Teller, I have always imagined she would be called Madame Zolta…

Zolta is  kinda my alter ego. (I created her when I was a kid and she’s pretty cool.) In my fantasy she has a smoky voice and dark mysterious eyes. Her age is impossible to distinguish and she has a direct, clear and  all too knowing gaze. She is calm, mystical and serene and knows all the answers to life’s mysteries. Of course she tells her fortunes in a colorful gypsy caravan and wears beautiful flowing clothes, glittering rings and golden bangle bracelets. Naturally she wears gorgeous silk scarves and over the years, her raven curls have never been blemished by one strand of gray hair….

Then there is the reality. Ellen is a green eyed Witch with brown hair. She is a middle aged clairvoyant with a smart mouth and a wicked sense of humor. Ellen lives in the ‘burbs in the Midwest in a mid century ranch style house, surrounded by her gardens, and prefers comfortable and serviceable clothes while she works.  We don’t mention the gray hair. What gray hair?

In the past few months I have been getting more and more requests for tarot readings. Its been a long time since I offered tarot readings to the public- well besides in Montreal at the Yule fair last year. And honestly I sort of miss doing them.

So this week I put up a “Special Offer” tab on my website and I for a limited time I’ll be offering full tarot readings online. Just today I added an online mini-tarot reading. You can sign up for these just like you would any of my online classes. On my website www.ellendugan.com and it goes through Paypal. No muss- no fuss.

I thought this would be fun to offer to the fans and I’m going to do the readings for as long as my writing and touring schedule will allow me. (For the next month or so.)  I use the Mary Hanson Roberts deck for my public readings. Why? Because it's pretty.

As a clairvoyant, working with Tarot cards are not strictly necessary for me- but they are fun. I like the visual images and they give me a jumping off point for a reading. Besides I learned early on that clients do NOT like it when I just stroll through their head and pull out things with no props and no tools other than me holding their hand.

I think that’s why I started jokingly calling myself Zolta when I was a kid- it made people laugh and they stopped being afraid of just how accurate I was. Anyway, today if you sign up for a reading you’ll get Ellen and Zolta only comes out to play when I let her.  Those jingling bracelets get on my nerves anyway!

Blessed be, Ellen

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  1. Thank you for a wonderfully accurate and thought-provoking Tarot reading! I've been spending some time mulling it over. I hope you decide to do these again sometime! ;-D

  2. How cool! And I like that image of Madame Zolta...but the bracelets? Yeah, they have to go. SNORK! J.

  3. Hey, I'm a reader, and I actually look like a cross between Zolta and the description you gave of yourself- (though not like you as you appear in your photos-) and I like my funky jewelry and flowing clothes too. The bracelets don't get in the way if you wear them one or two at a time. (A little restraint is a good thing.)
    What gray hair? Isn't that what Belle Garnier and L'Oreal hair colors were created for?

  4. I prefer a liberal application of henna to keep away the silvery locks.

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