Spring Enchantment is in the Air!

7:36 AM

What is it about spring, that entrances us so? When I took a walk earlier this week I was thrilled to discover daffodils breaking the groud and crocus blooming. There are buds swelling on the trees and I wake to birds singing in the morning. The robins are back in the gardens (though a few hung out all winter - more are back now). And the days are getting longer and best of all enchantment is in the air.

I managed to get out in the front gardens on Friday and rake and clip back two of the front perennial beds. I uncovered hyacyths and tulips just emerging and stood there and grinned over them.... I still have one more large shady bed and one medium sized perennial bed to clean out for the front gardens. 
Thats not counting the twelve other beds in the back yard and side yards. The iris/ lily garden is probably next on my list. Once the weather warms back up-- I'll be out there busting ass again.
While I was busy out there on Friday, the robins followed me around hoping that I would uncover worms, and the squirels scampered about- probably upset with me for disturbing the stashes of acorns.

At the moment I am trying to talk myself out of buying any pansies for my hanging baskets and containers. Its a bit early. I should wait for a few more weeks... but its hard. I suppose I will have to content myself with gardening magazines and keep plotting and planning, in the meantime...

In other news, "The Spring Sabbats" online class is my most popular class at this time of year. This online class covers the Sabbats of Ostara and Beltane. There is also some moon magick included for spring as well as a bonus spell for Walpurgis Night.  The "Herb Magick" class is running a close second, as I imagine folks, like me, are getting the urge to garden right now.
For now I will content myself with the crocus and cheer on the earliest daffodils in my neighborhood.

Interstingly in the language of flowers the crocus symbolizes that you will remain young at heart no matter what your age. The crocus has the planetray correspondence of Venus, and the elemental association of water. Magickally the crocus may be used in spells for freshness, new beginnings, romance, health and joy.

For more information on garden magick, and other magickal spring flowers check out my books, Garden Witchery, Garden Witch's Herbal and Herb Magic for Beginners.

Spring is in the air! (Don't forget that this season is linked to the element of air and the Eastern quarter!) You can smell the spring on the breeze and see it beginning all around you. Light some spring green candles, plant some pansies, enjoy your daffodils and tulips as they break the ground and begin to grow tall, straight and true.  Call the season into your life and promote, new wisdom, and abundance.
Enjoy this time of enchantment and Blessed be!

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  1. So wonderful that spring is here. I haven't seen anything popping through my gardens yet, but I've just planted the seeds and set them in a sunny area so that they may become my vegetable garden.

  2. My daffodils are just showing the tips of their leaves above the ground. They are teasing me! Lol. I can't wait to see them.

  3. We were all getting so excited about Spring coming early...then the temps dropped back to below freezing! They say 50's this week, so maybe Spring will come back soon!

  4. Something about Spring that tells every creature - including US - to get our butts moving! ;-D The energy is just palpable in the air. That's what I love most about Spring, that life force energy surging forward once again.

  5. Wonderful blog Ellen. You have painted an enchanting picture of the Spring season. Anxiously awaiting the return of the warmer days so I too can get out and work in my yard.

  6. Spring faked us out. Even my bulbs were fooled.

    We awoke to -22C and ice and snow.

  7. I found something that I think is super fun! I hope you like it too: http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=344229.0
    and another person: http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=350995.0?utm_source=newsletter1&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=march11_newsletter

  8. I heard the peepers tonight. The first night this spring, I really do hope that spring is here to stay.

  9. Oh, the spring. <3 Unfortunately have to wait it a bit here in Finland for that, still lots and lots of snow here. BUT, I did buy some seeds and start planting inside to get some greens in the house! :)

  10. Ellen,
    I am a fiber artist working on a piece that includes robins and branches. I would like to use the robin image in your March blog as inspiration for one of the birds. Is this your photo? If so, would it be possible for me to use the image as inspiration? You can see some of my work at: http://lindanelsonjohnson.com
    and you can contact me at LnJStudio@gmail.com. Thank you for your consideration.


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