Retiring Two of my Online Classes

10:27 AM


I hope everyone had a bewitching Beltane! I decided this week to retire two of my online classes. These two classes are, “The Autumn Sabbats” and “The Spring Sabbats”. Why you may wonder? Well, I have my reasons.

The two sabbats classes are still available for ordering until 10:00pm CST Friday May 6th. The price of these two sabbat classes are still $30.00 each.
Also there is STILL a free bonus spell included with each of the Sabbats classes.
A "Walpurgis Night" spell for the Spring Sabbats class.
For the Autumn Sabbats class the bonus spell is "A Full Blood Moon in October Spell".

After Friday the 6th of May… those two classes will be retired permanently. I will still have five other online classes for you.  These classes are:

1.)The Elements of Witchcraft Part I --$40.00

2.)Advanced Natural Magick Part II  --$40.00

3.)Natural Magick for Hearth & Home-- $40.00

4.)Full Moon Mini-Class-- $22.00

5.)Herb Magick Class $30.00

If you want to take a look at the online classes I offer, or would like to order a sabbat class before I retire them- hop over to my website and check it out. This link will take you directly to the “Online Classes” page.

Now I’m off to go take a nice long walk. I hope everyone is enjoying the spring… even if you, like we here in Missouri, are getting LOTS of rain.
Here is a comment from a recent online student of mine about one of the classes...

"I recently bought the Elements of Witchcraft class and loved it!  I took a longer time with it though. I spent a week with each element because I really wanted to dig in and feel a connection to each one. I gained so much from that class! I learned so much and was able to really connect with nature. One of the best things I got out of class was the confidence to write my own spells, and that has been so powerful for me. I notice that my own written spells work better for me than anything, and I don't think I would have tried to do that for quite a while had it not been an assignment in class."- Amanda J.
Blessed  be,

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