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Ellen's Iris Garden May 2011

My Iris garden is in it’s glory this week and it got me to thinking about the magick of flowers. This flower was named after the Greek Goddess of the rainbow, Iris.  As a messenger Goddess who had dominion over the sky and sea, she used her rainbow to travel back and forth from Olympus to earth.

This enchanting flower does comes in all the colors of the rainbow. In my gardens at home I have purple, pale violet, white, blue and purple, red, yellow, white & purple mixture, and black varieties of iris.  And I’m always on the lookout for new colors and varieties. In the language of flowers, the iris speaks of; eloquence, a promise, compliments and of course a message.

Iris Garden in Ellen's yard

I have been feeling a link to the goddess Iris lately, probably because a project I am currently working on takes a lot of communication. Keeping in constant contact while working on a project with someone was surprising to me (Sort of like finding this kick-ass red iris, called Spartan.) As I never thought I would find myself in this situation. Its frustrating, and exciting all at the same time.

"Spartan" Iris
 However, it is making me rise to the challenge- whether I like it or not. Maybe that's my message... "Hang in there and keep fighting!" Or maybe I need to start thinking along the lines of the 300 movie, "Madness? This IS Sparta!" And take no prisoners.
Yellow Iris after the rain

Tomorrow I leave for Minneapolis. I will have meetings up at the Llewellyn headquarters on Friday, and will be giving a talk, plus I will get to see the new facilities, and hopefully finally get to meet Carl Weschke. Then on Saturday I have an author event at “The Eye of Horus” in Minneapolis. I will be signing copies of my newest book, Practical Protection Magick, and teaching a class on the topic as well.

Messages, appears to be my theme for the month. I am either waiting for them, or giving them to others. Today I have some flowers to plant, lecture notes to polish up and clothes to pack for the trip. Its going to be busy.

Enjoy the photos of my iris garden and Blessed be, Ellen
"Before the Storm" Black Iris

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  1. I love irises and I think the Spartan one you found is so beautiful! That would look great next to my yellow ones.

  2. such beautiful irises. an inspiring garden indeed. the red ones are so intense and velvety! positive energies your way for a safe journey, and talk.
    ~lu (of orleans apothecary)

  3. Love that red one. All of my iris are black and white. Just about to bloom

  4. Your Iris garden is beautiful...I love all the varieties you have growing:)


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