It's beginning to look a lot like Yuletide...

7:47 AM

Good Morning!
I imagine it's probably becuase I have been cranking out holiday floral arrangements for weeks at work... and of course listening to Holiday music, that I just changed the blog over to a vintage Yuletide theme. But if I may, "It's beginning to look a lot like Yuletide, Everywhere I go..."

Yup, tis the season. And I don't want to hear anybody whine, bitch or complain that the Pagan elements of the Winter Solstice holiday are lost.. No they are not! They are everywhere! Blissfully getting the last laugh on the unsuspecting decorator who wants to add something, "old fashioned to their holiday decor."

Seriously you just have to stop moping and look. Holly, ivy and mistletoe anyone? Boughs of pine and variegated white and green holly, sparkling lights, and those decorated pine trees- that were banned from most churches up until the 1950's because they were considered to be ... wait for it... too Pagan!

First off there is the Holly King/ Santa Claus or Father X-mas- call him whatever you want... Have you ever taken a really hard look at old Victorian holiday cards? Those are some pretty Pagan-friendly Santas. Like this fellow on the left. Crown of holly and a Yule log. Hello, Holly King. Check out what folks are calling a "Woodland Santa" these days. Looks like a cross between Odin and Santa to me, all rustic and dressed in fur and carrying a tiny pine tree...

Oh, and guess what my fellow Witches and Pagans? We are not the only ones wondering where to find a little something meaningful for our holiday homes. I spent the past week taking a fiendish delight in cranking out blue and white and silver table top arrangements. Why? because a little girl and her brothers walked up to me at the floral counter and asked why the store did not have any Hanukkah crafts or decorations.

Out of the mouths of babes... There is another winter celebration/festival in December this year too. And I was so busy adding ivy, mistletoe and fairies and Pagan looking woodsy Santas to my designs, that I sort of missed the forest for the trees.

I promised the kids I would start making some blue, white and silver arrangements. So I cranked out a bunch of arrangements in the past few days. Now the next time those kids and their mother's come in they will have plenty to choose from. Happy festival of light.

The darkest days of the year are upon us now... the leaves are all falling and frost and snow are on their way. But the light will return and the sun will be reborn. The symbols and signs of our winter solstice celebration are everywhere in nature. Sometimes you have to look again, and remember.
Blessed be, Ellen

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  1. Ellen, I quite like that last image you posted there (the woman in the gold gown). Who/what is the source?

  2. Nice description of Yule Ellen-I wrote a blog about The Yule Tree...check it out: Merry meet:)


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