Taking a page out of one of my own books!

2:09 PM

It has been a while since I posted any new blogs. Samhain came and went and my part time job became a full time job about 3 weeks ahead of schedule.  Then I got cut at work, I got stitched back up and kept working but it did slow me down. The stitches came out yesterday and my thumb is healing nicely.

Lately, I have been looking around for a class to take this winter so I can keep working on loosing more weight and toning up and I may have found one. I'll go tonight and check it out. I have been invited to sit in on a class and see what I think.

In the past I have done boot camps, a couple different belly dance classes... this time I thought I'd try something new and a little- okay a LOT- outside of my comfort zone.

The reason for this possible new class is two-fold. One, my friend and fellow author Jeanne Adams recommended it...
And the second, is that I am damn sick and tired of being grabbed and or pounced on when I am in public.

Recently I was physically accosted after a public event by a "fan" and this person would not let go. They were too busy telling me loudly what they thought of me. Because and I quote "Their high priestess told them to." While a crowd of onlookers gleefully watched- and did nothing.
I had a choice of yanking away and having them toss red wine all over me, or speaking to them quietly and calming them down. I chose the 2nd option. 

Sure, I could have made a scene and started shouting myself, but I chose to act like a lady. No point in giving them more attention- it was what they wanted. So I was classy, quiet, but firm and eventually I was able to remove myself from the situation. 

My husband, friends and I had gotten separated as we left the event- and by the time my husband figured out something was amiss, I was walking away from the person, and back towards him, rubbing my arm, and muttering under my breath about seriously hiring a freaking bodyguard.

Then just a few days ago while attending a class, as I went to leave, I got grabbed by the arm again.
I hate to admit it. I froze.
I could not believe this was happening again. Once again someone was up in my face and had their hands on me without my permission. This time they were not being spiteful but it was still too close and they did not let go.

I spoke to this individual as politely as possible- as I was once again surrounded by many people who were watching me interact with this "fan"... and who were all doing nothing. Just enjoying the show.

Eventually the person let go of my arm and I was able to walk quietly away. What the hell? Just because I am an author does not mean people should feel free to grab a hold of me, yank me by the arm, and tell me all of their problems.

So, I think it's time to take my own damn advice. A page out of one of my own books, if you will,  and do something a bit more pro-active.
I start tonight.
Blessed be, Ellen

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  1. i have actually learned how to protect myself in more than just the magickal sense from reading this book. i had heard of psychic vampires before but i never truly 'got the jist' of what one is till i read this. i did feel empowered by reading one of your stories about the female who always pushed the envelope with you until you wore your necklace to work.

    some people have no sense of "personal space" at all! that is no excuse for them stepping all up in yours!


  2. I am so sorry that you had to have this negative experience. Take whatever steps you need to to feel safe and comfortable. I am not an author or even someone you would look at twice on the street, but I, too have been put in situations where I was just plain uncomfortable and/or have felt threatened. The best advice I was given was that it was not my fault and that I had the right to feel safe. The rest of the conversation lead to the fact that by taking the steps myself to be comfortable and keep myself feeling secure, I was honoring myself. I have since taken a couple of self defense courses and one defensive speaking course. It was wonderful that all three classes offered advice on non-violent ways to get out of situations, ways to disarm the situations, before offering more active/assertive methods. I am praying for guidance to come your way so that you can continue to feel safe when you are outside of your home no matter what the situation. Blessed Be your way Laura

  3. Oh my that is horrible that those incidents happened to you. I have heard that the public often loses a sense of boundaries towards someone with any celebrity status.

    Do whatever you need to ensure your safety. Though it sounds like you handled each situation well. I hope it never happens again.

  4. Blessings to you and may you find the strength and courage you need to defend yourself. I hope that people will start to understand that theey cannot act that way toward others.

    Wishing you well, V.

  5. oh hun , I'm very sorry this has happened to you some people are no rude and have no manners . I,m sure its fine to walk up to you and say hello or even ask for you autograph or to sign one of your books but please people keep your damn hands to your self! you wouldn't like it if she did it to you so don't do it to her.

  6. Yikes! I hate to hear about these incidents. Some people are so pushy! Bright Blessings to you and Good Luck with all of your endeavors!

  7. It is a horrid situation to be in. I wrote a simple little article recently on this very thing, after a similar incident.. I am not sure how or why some people perceive it is okay to invade our space and touch, grab, grope whatever without permission no matter who we are. Practical Protection Magick - awesome book it taught me a lot, glad your reading it *smiles*

  8. Hi Ellan,

    I am so sorry people were not respectful. I know if I was in the crowd I would be watching but if you seemed calm and not in distress I wouldn't do anything (guess I need to re-think that). Hopefully this class will help you/teach you what you need to stay safe.


  9. My goodness, what is happening to people these days?! The loss of respect is running rampant. But, Ellen, you stopped it dead in its tracks by choosing not to become it. You go, girl! You rose above in your own rite of respect. Respect for yourself!! It's a difficult path to be in the public eye, but we are all gracious that you chose this path to enlighten the rest of us.
    May the protection of Rosemary always be at your side.


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