Window Box Witchery

12:28 PM

Container with accessories
So today my quest began for flowers for my window boxes on the back porch. I dumped out the old potting soil into my compost pile and added new fresh potting yesterday. So they are prepped and ready to go. 

The other day I was seduced by pots of soft peachy coral petunias, white verbena and bacopa... So I planted them up in a pot on the back porch. Here it is. I added a white ceramic mushroom and found this miniature garden stake that says "Hope" with a crescent moon. Who could resist that? Certainly not me.

As I have white siding on my house and off white window boxes- I go for lots of color in the window box arrangements. A few years a go I did all hot pinks and purples geraniums and petunias, then one year I did yellow and peach with a touch of blue lobelia. Pretty typical stuff. But this year I want to embrace my inner wild woman and go crazy. And my inspiration for funkier window boxes comes from my friend Sarah.

My friend Sarah is an amazing urban gardener. I wrote about Sarah’s city gardens in my book Garden Witch’s Herbal. Sarah has a knack for turning anything into a container. She has a lovely garden to be sure, however I am always struck by severe container garden envy whenever I go to Sarah’s house and see her gardens. She tosses the strangest things together in a mixed flower pot and the results are jaw-dropping. It makes me crazy that flowers that ought to be unappealing planted together are suddenly mind blowingly cool in a container. No doubt about it Sarah’s got the knack.

Flowers before planting
I think my own problem is that when it comes to planting my own window boxes… I tend to think like a floral designer- and even though the boxes are pretty, I tend to get a little precise.  Which is funny when my design style in the yard is cottage style gardening. So this year I am have embraced my inner “Sarah” and have mixed and matched plants and I did let myself go crazy! Here are a few pictures.

The window boxes have a full sun exposure… so off I trekked to the plant stand today and carefully selected my annuals. Varieties of trailing petunias, lobelia, bacopa and verbena. 
Setting the flowers out

Finished Window box

And I promised myself I would plant with abandon, and mix things up. I chose my flowers and ended up with cool colors- which I think "Pops" against the white siding and blue trim of the house. I set them (still in their pots) inside the window box to get a feel for them-- and then I planted away.  
 Here is a picture of one of the boxes all finished and hung on the house. So it was a nice morning's work. Because I was feeling industrious I swept up the patios and tidied up a bit. The  I walked around the yard and took more pictures of the gardens. 

Ellen's perennial garden 4-2012
I hope you will take some time this weekend and get outside and plant something! Even a container on your porch can add magick to your world. 
Blessed be, Ellen

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  1. Gorgeous! I love a garden that has bits of whimsy and surprise! I know nothing about "designing" a garden, I just buy what I like and plant where it will flourish. I love the look, but a professional would probably want to overhaul the whole dang thing. LOL...I loooove your beautiful style Ellen, inspiring! Your book Garden Witchery helps inspire every spring!

  2. love the window boxes! the world needs more wild women like you and sarah. rock on, ellen! :-)

  3. It is so great to potter around in the garden. I love putting my hands in the Earth, I feel very close to the Divine there.
    Have a great day !!!


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