Thursday, June 28, 2012

Witch at Work!

I am back from Denver and INATS and had a great time. I received a copy of my Witches Tarot deck and was able to do several readings with them while at the Trade show. Since I returned home I have been working away for the last few days putting the finishing touches on a new book proposal. It's all together now and I will spend the next few days proofreading and then I will ship it out next week.
I typically time book proposals down to a waxing moon- full moon phase if I can get it. So I am feeling pretty righteous and accomplished at the moment. That is when I don't decide to stop and add something else to those sample chapters....

Here at home its been blazing hot. Yesterday we hit 104 degrees Fahrenheit and today we topped out at 107. Today's heat broke records. It is a very dry heat and that is unusual for the Mid-west we typically get lots of humidity... Right now we have very little. I suppose this is what it is like to live in the desert.

I am trying to save my perennial gardens with careful watering as we are not expecting any rain for the next few weeks. It has been so dry here at home there has been talk of cancelling the 4th of July fireworks display. And tomorrow is supposed to hit 105! We really need some rain. I dislike doing weather magick- as it can have weird repercussions but I may do some spell work for gentle rain if this continues...We will have to wait and see.

Witch's Moon bag & a sneak peek of the Tarot cards
In a week and a half I go to Massachusetts for a mini-tour. I will be at Pyramid Books in Salem, Mass. on Wednesday July 11th. For a book signing meet and greet from 6:00 to 7:00pm. This will be followed by a class on my new book Seasons of Witchery, and the class topic is "Herbs of the Sabbats".  The class fee is $35.00 and as a special treat, Kellie the owner at Pyramid Books, will be giving away the new satin tarot bags based on the artwork of the Witches Tarot to every student. Here is a photo (just above) of the large 6 x 8 inch satin bag and a sampling of the cards from the deck. The satin tarot bags will be available for purchase in September from Llewellyn. For now, the only way to get one of those bags is to come to the class in Salem.

The next author event will be on Thursday, July 12 at The Robin's Nest store in Bellingham, MA. I will be signing books from 5:00- 6:00pm and then I will teach a class on Protection Magick afterwards.

In other news I am running a Summer Jewelry sale on the Garden Witch Charm Bracelets. Click here for a direct link- Jewelry Sale Link!   And I am in also the process of having pendants made that will feature some of the amazing art from my forthcoming Witches Tarot. Those new pendants I hope to have ready to go by September if not before. It all depends on my supplier and how many other orders are ahead of mine.
Garden Witch Charm Bracelet

I do have other ideas up my witchy sleeves as well.  Including two new designs for the Garden Witch Pentacles. In a few weeks there will be two more designs to choose from. In addition to the Red Rose, Morning Glory, Five Elements, and Autumn Leaves patterns, there will be a pentacle design for Samhain and a design for Yule. The Hubs and I have put out heads together and these new handmade pentacles are going to be bewitching! If you'd like to see the pentacles or to order one follow this link. Garden Witch Pentacles!l

Yes indeed I am a Witch at work. Maybe its the heat wave making me so industrious or maybe its just the hot flashes... combined with the heat outside.  Hot Flash/ Power Surge whatever you prefer to call it- they are bound to make anyone a little more intense. So I have decided to roll with it and see where this productive energy wave takes me.
Stay cool everyone and Blessed be,

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Witches Tarot Major Arcana Revealed!

Good morning,
I am thrilled to announce that the Witches Tarot website is live! Mark Evans the talented artist of our deck has designed a beautiful website and best of all you can see all of the cards in the Major Arcana! Go to  To read about the companion book, the art and of course upcoming special print offers!   
Just above you can see the postcard Mark designed for me to hand out at my author events. This card shows (from left to right) The Hermit, The Empress, The Moon and the Six of Wands cards. I will be handing these 8x5 inch postcards out at the International New Age Trade Show (INATS) in Denver tomorrow-Sunday, June 24th.


I am honored and excited to attend INATS with the folks from Llewellyn Worldwide to promote my brand new book Seasons of Witchery, and to build some excitement about the upcoming "Witches Tarot" deck! Its going to be a blast!

Companion Book by Ellen Dugan
To answer a few questions I keep getting asked- YES, the Witches Tarot is a boxed set. So for those of you wondering... YES the 312 page companion book and the tarot deck all come together as a boxed set. 
I've been asked this question so many times this week I figured I'd better put the answer in bold. LOL!

Here is the deck's book cover, just to the right. The book is 312 pages long, nice and chunky! Besides writing all of the meaning, symbolism and information about the seventy-eight cards, I have also created seven new card lay outs and eleven brand new tarot spells. The cover of the companion book is actually the High Priestess card, with a border and some shading.

Coming September 2012!
To the left is what the outside of the set's box looks like, with a preview of a few more cards. Pictured is the High Priestess, the Knight of Cups, and the Two of Swords. The cover of the box is actually The Moon card with another cool border.

So, go and follow the link to the Witches Tarot website and look around. Enjoy the preview of the Major Arcana and keep checking back! A few more featured cards from the Minor Arcana cards will be making their debut in the coming months!

In the meantime here is the Page of Pentacles from the deck! Isn't she lovely with the magnolia tree and the white hind in the background?
Blessed be, Ellen
Page of Pentacles- Witches Tarot

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Garden Witchery- Summer KINDLE sale!

Good Morning,

My very first book Garden Witchery: Magick from the Ground Up, is part of a week long big KINDLE Summer sale from June 16th Through June 24, 2012. For one week it will have a special Kindle price of $2.99. So go snag a copy for you Kindle now and take advantage of the sale!

Garden Witchery will always hold a special place in my heart. It was my very first book and a whole series of Witchery Books was born from it. First we had Garden Witchery... then came Cottage Witchery, Natural Witchery, Book of Witchery and just this year Seasons of Witchery!  Also I should point out the Garden Witch's Herbal is a sequel of sorts to Garden Witchery...
Here at home the gardens are blooming away. The tiger lilies came and went early this year- due in part to a mild winter and a warm spring.                       My false indigo (Baptisia alba) is finally blooming. A native plant to Missouri this was a gift from a coven sister who is also a wildlife biologist. I got a little baby plant three years ago and this year it is blooming away and very popular with the hummingbirds in the garden. 

I pulled out a clump of old purple cone flowers from the front gardens yesterday, as they had stopped producing petals and had weird shaped cones... not too sure what happened to them but I replaced them with a fun perennial Black-eyed Susans (Rudebeckia).
 This is drought tolerant perennial, makes a nice cut flower, and it can handle the heat and full sun of the front gardens. I actually found a picture of the variety I purchased and here they are. These Black-eyed Susans will grow to be 18-24 inches tall.

I thought these were bright and cheerful- just the thing for summer.     I hope you will enjoy your weekend in the garden, and when you are done working, grab your Kindle- take advantage of the special sale and read or re-read Garden Witchery: Magick from the Ground Up.

There is plenty there to inspire you. With flower folklore, spells and charms, and of course garden plans and ideas for gardens of witchery for sun, shade, faeries or moonlight.

Blessed be, Ellen

Friday, June 8, 2012

Seasons of Witchery & the Pagan Picnic

I am packing up and getting ready for our day in the park for the St. Louis Pagan Picnic, tomorrow. It is the 20 year anniversary of the picnic this year. The picnic is open to the public, is FREE and is held in Tower Grove Park, St. Louis, Missouri. The weather forecast for tomorrow is clear, dry and hot... of course. I will be lecturing Saturday, June 9th at noon on the "Mysteries of Midsummer". The lecture is free and everyone is welcome.

Since Seasons of Witchery was just released this week, I will have about 3 dozen copies of my newest title on hand for sale at my table on author's row. I will also have copies of my other 12 titles, and my custom designed Garden Witch Jewelry line of charm bracelets.

The newest charm bracelet design is based on my book, Seasons of Witchery. It is a standard 7 and 1/2 inches long in gunmetal grey. It has a lobster clasp and features nine pewter charms, one for each sabbat, and a central sun and moon. It is subtle enough to wear to work, or around muggle relatives (ahem) while still being witchy and fabulous. Here is a picture of the newest charm bracelet. It just became available for sale today!
New! Seasons of Witchery charm bracelet $36.99
For those of you who can't make the picnic but want one of these enchanting charm bracelets for yourself. Hop over to my website and order one.
There are a total of three designs to choose from; the new "Seasons of Witchery Charm Bracelet".
The "Garden Witch Charm Bracelet" that features beautiful green glass leaves and five magickal pewter charms.
The "Bracelet of Witchery" that features swarovski crystal stars and five bewitching pewter charms. (Pictured below.)
Garden Witch Charm Bracelet $30.99

Bracelet of Witchery $30.99

The following link takes you directly to the Garden Witch Jewelry page on my website. The charm bracelets are ready to order via PayPal ! 

Oh, by the way, please remember that I cannot take personal checks, credit or debit cards at the picnic. We are going old school and doing cash, for your purchases, while we are in the park. If you want a bracelet and prefer to use your debit or credit card- simply order one through my website.

Now I need to go hunt up the lawn chairs, bug spray and sunscreen, to go along with the cases of books, my hand made witchy wooden signs, my jewelry, the display case, and the lunch cooler. I look forward to seeing many of you there in the park!
Blessed be, Ellen