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I have been working away at finishing up book #15, and I also had a little writing assignment to work on for a surprise book project that is supposed to be released in autumn of 2013. (Or so the folks at Llewellyn tell me). I turned in that assignment on Friday. Now it's down to the final chapter of book 15 and the big push is on! Anywho, its been a crazy couple of weeks.

I am still working out hard 6 days a week and I got a little over zealous on the treadmill on Friday and apparently strained my back. Who knew? I texted my trainer and checked in with him and he grounded me from the gym for a day and the treadmills for a few days. Then he sent me motivational quotes on my cell phone. Aww bless his heart. That was so sweet... and then I turned around and sent him a silly and slightly snarky training quote back- and he laughed so hard that now he wants to send it to other clients. I told him to feel free.

Today I am allowed to go in and do the weight machine circuit he has set up for me. I was pushing myself really hard as weigh in/ measurements are this week. Its the one month mark since I started with the gym and I am curious to see if I have lost any weight and how much. I have started to see a change in my body. At the waist, my jawline, neck, and weirdly the shape of my hands. I'm nervous as hell to see what the "official" measurements say this week.

Last summer and fall I worked out on my own and dieted hard and lost only one freaking pound in 6 weeks. I had been told it would be an uphill battle due to menopause and hormone fluctuations. But seriously? It was very discouraging results for all of that work, and that's when I started plotting and searching for a local and affordable gym. I also decided to shake things up and go ahead and hire a trainer. Someone who would keep me motivated and also keep me on my toes. I can honestly say I have never been as sore in my life since I started working with a trainer, but its a good sore- the kind that tells you- you are working hard and starting a personal transformation.

The Magician -Witches Tarot
Speaking of transformation....
Here is one of my favorite cards in the tarot deck "The Magician" To the left you see The Magician from my Witches Tarot deck  
This major arcana card is all about working with the four natural elements of earth, air, fire and water, and then adding your own personal power to achieve transformation and to bring about the manifestation of your goals and dreams.

If you look closely you will see four faeries in the card, one for each element and the tools of the magician on the table also aligned to the four elements. The pentacle for earth, the sword for air, the hawthorn wand for fire, and the cup for water. The illuminated lemniscate above the Magicians head is an infinity symbol and it is a way for the Magician to focus his intention and reminds us that everything we think is in fact, creating our own future.

In my Witches Tarot Companion Book- these are the "Key Words" that I have to help readers quickly remember the core meaning of this Major Arcana card. "Key Words: As above, so below. Skill, determination, connection and confidence. Strength of will, and working magick with the four elements and the elemental spirits. The Hermetic principle of correspondence,  elemental magick, and personal power."- Ellen Dugan

When this particular card appears in a reading,  it is a message to tap into your own witchery to find the answers you seek. Work in balance with the elements and the powers of nature to create your magick and to bring about a positive change.   Remember- As above so below, as within so without.
No matter what your challenge, no matter what type of personal or magickal goal you have, you CAN achieve it. Add in your personal power, some hard work and magickal energy and nothing can stop you. 

Blessed be, Ellen

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Oh and if you were wondering just what I sent to my trainer... here it is.

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