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I have been working away on book # 16 and getting ready for the Pagan Dream Cruise. Now that things are beginning to settle down at home since our daughter is at grad school, I have been trying to catch up.
First off I will be teaching in the St. Louis area again. Here is the information..

Class date- Saturday, August 31, 2013
Time: 2:00- 4:00pm
Place: Mystic Valley

7241 Manchester Road
Maplewood, MO. 63143
Ages 18 and up are welcome
Class price: $40.00
Store Phone: 314-645-3336

Award winning author Ellen Dugan is teaching her very popular workshop on Practical Protection Magick . This class will cover your psychic strengths and weaknesses, explain how to diagnose a magickal problem, and discuss the difference between a hex and a crossed condition. This live class has been popular across the country and Ellen is delighted to offer it for the first time in St. Louis city.
This class will explore real-life psychic self-defense, and it gives practical advice on dealing with emotional and uninvited psychic vampires. Several techniques of protective spell-work will be discussed, and you will also discover what the phrase “Magick follows the least path of resistance”, truly means. Class fee -$40.00. Call the store soon to reserve your spot in class.

Just 3 weeks to go until the Hubs and I leave for Florida and then start the Pagan Dream Cruise followed by an author event in Florida. I am pretty excited. I will be working my tail off while on the cruise no doubt about it. I will be doing tarot readings each day and teaching four different  2 hour classes-- but I plan to carve some "me" time out each time we go to a port, so the Hubs and I can hit the beach.

I laid out for a few hours this week (haven't done that in years) in my new swimsuit to try and get a little color.. I typically have a white feet, pale upper legs and back from gardening and walking outside. (The classic farmers tan.) So I am trying to even that up so it won't look goofy while at the beach- that and I don't want to broil like a lobster either.

After the cruise is finished I will be headed to do an author event in the Orlando, Florida area. I am really excited about this event. This is my fellow Llewellyn author Ann Moura's shop. I am really looking forward to meeting her and seeing some of my Witch buddies from Florida at the author event! Here are all the details.

The "Luna Sol Esoterica" Shop 311 S. Park Ave. Sandford Florida
Luna Sol Esoterica
Date: Sunday, September 15, 2013
Address: 311 S. Park Avenue
Sandford, Florida.
Class Topic: "Magickal Herbalism"
Class Time 1:00- 3:00pm (Book signing to follow)
Class Fee: $25.00
Store Phone: 321-363-4883

Join award winning author and Master Gardener Ellen Dugan, at Luna Sol Esoterica for a lecture on Magickal Herbalism. Ellen will discuss the fundamentals of the natural path, and the tools of the magickal herbalist’s trade- which may surprise you.
Discover the magick of plants, trees, flowers and herbs that can be easily incorporated into your own style of witchery, in practical and profound ways. This class will inspire, and motivate you to take your magick to the next level.
After the class Ellen will be on hand to sign her titles and to visit. Looking forward to seeing you there!

For more information, and to sign up for the class please contact the store at 312-363-4883 

Finally there are 2 weeks left to purchase the Natural Magick for Hearth and Home Online Class. It will be retired again on September 1st, 2013.
And my Full Moon Magick Online class price will be increasing after September 1st as well.
It has way to much information to be classified as a Mini-class anymore. So as of September 1, the price will be $25.00 for that particular online class.

So if you wanna grab it while it is still $22.00 and before the coming full moon. I would order it soon. Here is the direct link to my website where you can peruse and then order any of my online classes. Ellen Dugan's Online Classes

Well Its a beautifully cool morning here for August, I am going to go work in the gardens today and enjoy the weather.  Blessed be, Ellen

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