Happy September and Tour Dates for the Autumn!

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Good Morning,
Hooray! September is here! Tour season is kicking off and the Pagan Dream Cruise is days away. A summer heatwave is blazing away at the moment but autumn is just around the corner. I am really looking forward to this autumn and my upcoming author events. I have been prepping for all of the classes I will be teaching on the Cruise, as well as while I am on tour and here at home in St. Louis.
Here is the list of where and when I will be touring and teaching this autumn.


Second Annual Pagan Dream Cruise 
Dates September 9 - September 14
Place: Bahamas!
Ellen will be doing tarot readings by appointment and will be teaching four different classes while on the cruise.

Luna Sol Esoterica (FLORIDA)
Date: Sunday, September 15, 2013
Address: 311 S. Park Avenue
Sandford, Florida.
Class Topic: "Magickal Herbalism"
Class Time 1:00- 3:00pm (Book signing to follow)
Class Fee: $25.00
Store Phone: 321-363-4883

Join award winning author and Master Gardener Ellen Dugan, at Luna Sol Esoterica for a lecture on Magickal Herbalism. Ellen will discuss the fundamentals of the natural path, and the tools of the magickal herbalist’s trade- which may surprise you.
Discover the magick of plants, trees, flowers and herbs that can be easily incorporated into your own style of witchery, in practical and profound ways. This class will inspire, and motivate you to take your magick to the next level.
After the class Ellen will be on hand to sign her titles and to visit. Looking forward to seeing you there!
For more information, and to sign up for the class please contact the store at 312-363-4883

A Four Part Series of Classes at the Mystic Valley Store During September & October
Class dates- Sunday- September 22, 28 & October 6 and 13th
Time: 2:00- 4:00pm
Place: Mystic Valley Store

7241 Manchester Road
Maplewood, MO. 63143
Ages 18 and up are welcome
Classes are $40.00 each --or attend all four classes for $140.00 and save! (Payment for all four classes is due in full at the time of the first class.)
Store Phone: 314-645-3336
Elemental Witchery- Sunday September 22nd (at Mystic Valley)

Earth, air, fire and water… not just for the 101 student. Dare to take a deeper more advanced look into the four natural elements that we draw upon in our magick. What element do you favor? Which do you have trouble with? By taking a deeper look at these questions you begin to see what your magickal strengths and weakness are. We are all a mixture of the four natural elements. Learn how to restore and balance your personal power, making your magick more effective and powerful

Psychic Ability and Witchery. Class Date- Sunday, September 29 (at Mystic Valley)
In this second class we learn how the various types of psychic abilities, (and YES everyone has them) affect and enhance your Craft. We will learn about three types of psychic abilities and will work together with energy exercises in class. You will discover if you are a visionary, an intuitive or an empath. There will also be a demonstration of building energy and passing it to another, and chance for all of the students to try out their intuitive skills for themselves.

Looking Deeper- Becoming an Adept. Class date, Sunday, October 6th (at Mystic Valley )
How does one become an adept? This third class in the series addresses this issue. With an honest look at the topic and some straight-up information that any Witch struggling to go beyond the “Beginner” phase of their training needs to know. In this class the students will get up and put what they have learned into practice. This class focuses on individuality, and how our own personal magickal style makes each of us more powerful and spiritual.

Tending to Your Spirituality. Class Date- Sunday, October 13th ( at Mystic Valley)
Spirituality, what does it truly mean to us as Witches? In this final class of the series we talk about “Living the magickal life.” How does one live and conduct themselves as a person of power? This class explores finding the sacred in what others perceive as ordinary. The mystery tradition of the Craft, and just why this “Mystery” is so darned mystifying anyway…. This is a deeper look at the fifth element of magick, that of Spirit.


Turn The Page Books - Author Appearance and Book Signing (MARYLAND)
Date: October 26, 2013
Time: Noon- 2:00pm
Place: Turn The Page Books
18 N Main Street
Boonsboro, MD 21713
Store phone: 301-432-4588

Ellen has been invited back to Turn The Page Books to sign her Witches Tarot deck, Seasons of Witchery, and the 10th Anniversary Edition of Garden Witchery, with Nora Roberts this fall. This will be an enchanting event with Halloween just around the corner!
Authors Carolyn Turgeon and Tess Whitehurst will also be there, and Nora will be signing copies of her newest release "Dark Witch".

Blessed be, Ellen

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  1. Hi Ellen,
    I hope you'll have a wonderful time. Have fun !!!

  2. I hope someday you can come to Houston, Texas! Have a great time!

    Also, the first book I read on anything concerning magick as a real practice was yours. I read Natural Witchery in middle school and it opened my eyes to other faiths that aren't so rigid :) Thank you!


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