Happy Halloween! Blessed Samhain!

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It has been a while since I have posted to the blog. The big news is that my Witches Tarot is now an app for your iPhone and iPad! This became available a few weeks ago by The Fool's Dog Company and they have informed me recently that they are very pleased with the sales so far. Here is a link so you can check it out! http://www.foolsdog.com/Witches/

Also the Witches Tarot in the works for an android version app to be available early next year!  (We've had lots of requests for an android version- so sit tight! It's on the way!) THIS JUST IN! You asked for it you got it! The Witches Tarot is now ALSO available for Android users as well as iPhones
Here is the link in the Google store! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.foolsdog.witches

Here at home we had 2 weddings to attend in October, I taught classes in St. Louis, and tour season has just come to a close. Lately it seems that every time I turn around someone wants an interview or for me to guest blog. Which is exciting but adds to my list of things to do. Between my own family's annual party, travel, and so forth things have been pleasantly though insanely busy.

We ended up holding our party a week earlier than usual to accommodate my daughter's fall break at grad school and my author event at Turn The Page Bookstore on the 26th of October.

At our 4th Annual Halloween bash this year a couple of my friends and I decided to come as The Three Witches of Oz. Evanora, Glinda and Theodora. Here we are on the right. That's me as Evanora, Ember Grant as Glinda and Heather as Theodora. We all had a great time!Also I flew in one of my best witch-friends from Connecticut to stay with us for the party weekend. It was so much fun with Jen being here!

The night of the party was very cold. Temperatures hovered in the low 40's, and everyone stayed around the fire pits to stay warm or squeezed inside the coffin in the garage for a photo shoot. (See bottom of the page) Here is a photo from the party of my husband dressed as a gravedigger, and he was taking his job pretty seriously! (LOL)

I have only been home from the Washington DC area and the event at Turn the Page Bookstore for a couple of day. As usual it was a fabulous time! I love doing events there and its great to see Nora Roberts again, and the staff at the store always does an incredible job. This year with Nora's new book "Dark Witch" and it being so close to Halloween all of the staff were dressed like Witches! It was so cute!

Here is a group photo of all of the authors from the event at Turn The Page
Pictured are Nora Roberts, Tess Whitehurst, Victoria Dahl, Caroilyn Turgeon, and me up at the top.(There were a few Maryland local authors in the photo too.) I wish I could remember their names! I'm claiming a middle age moment.

Finally the trees in the neighborhood have started to push out their fall colors. It's colder and rainy and now it feels like Samhain. As the temps have fallen well below freezing and all of the tender annuals in my garden took a major hit and have blackened from the frost..

That's okay I will leave them alone- It adds to the creepy effect when the Trick or Treaters come a calling.
Now I need to go set up all of the Jack o'lanterns and finish the  food prep for my family as they always come over for supper and to hang out and visit on Halloween.Pumpkin pies to bake, table to set...

I wish you and yours a Happy Halloween and a Blessed Samhain! Happy Witches New Year!

Blessed be, Ellen
Coffin Photo Shoot Halloween Party 2013 Heather, Ember, Ellen, Jen, Sarah and Ken

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