Midnight Prophecy- Book 3 in the Daughters Of Midnight series

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Daughters Of Midnight: Books 1—3 by Ellen Dugan
Happy August!

This year I did something a little crazy. I decided to launch a brand new paranormal series, and release them back-to-back-to-back! This new series is about three contemporary sisters who are each in their own way honoring the path of the wise woman.
I knew it was going to be intense writing the books consecutively and putting them out only 6-8 weeks apart, but I decided to dive in...and I'm so glad that I did. Not only  was it fun to write, this series has proven to be very popular, and I'm delighted that it is resonating with traditional romance readers, as well as paranormal fans.

Here's more information about the Daughters Of Midnight series of novels.

The series began with Drusilla's story. Midnight Gardens which was released in April. (224 pages)
Book Blurb Midnight Gardens:

The beating heart of any garden is magick..

Drusilla Midnight, a successful children’s book author, returns home to the sleepy little riverside village of Ames Crossing, Illinois. Recently divorced, she is planning to take some personal time to put her life in order, and to reconnect with her grandmother and two sisters. Descended from a long line of herbalists and wise women, Dru is determined to reclaim her family’s traditions and practices. While she was away, the family property has become overgrown and fallen into a state of disrepair. Drusilla resolves to take on the task of restoring the grounds herself, and to bring back to life the enchanting gardens that have inspired her books. However, a troubled, angry young girl and her attractive guardian, Garrett Rivers seem to constantly interrupt Dru’s master plan for solitary soul searching. The last thing Dru was looking for was love, and it will take a touch of the garden’s natural magick to make her learn to trust again.For even the wisest of women must learn that love can spring up unexpectedly into their life, take the strongest of hearts by surprise, and change their path forever.

Then we have book 2, Midnight Masquerade. Gabriella's story was released in June. (229 pages)
Book Blurb Midnight Masquerade:

How much trouble can a little magick cause?

Gabriella (Ella) Midnight is the dependable middle sister of her family. Working from home, where she likes it best, she designs both websites and the occasional book covers for her clients. But she has a little secret—she’s head-over-heels in love with the hunky owner of the local garden center. The problem is, Max thinks of her as his best friend.
When her clients throw a fancy masquerade party to celebrate the grand opening of their winery, Gabriella decides to cast a glamour on herself to bolster her confidence. With the hopes that if she’s finally brave enough to tell Max her true feelings he will see behind the mask of friendship she’s been wearing for the past two years and love her in return.
But the magick takes an unexpected twist, and Gabriella’s evening doesn’t turn out quite how she planned. 

In the shadows of the old house on the cliffs, she meets Philippe Marquette, and the enigmatic Frenchman is the last thing she would have ever expected to conjure into her life. Seems that glamour spell ended up working...maybe a little too well...and in a way she never would have imagined. 
However, there is always a price to be paid for magick, and when Gabriella realizes what the cost of her spell is, she is forced to keep an even bigger secret. In one night the path of her life has irrevocably changed and now she must face the consequences of the midnight masquerade.

And now book 3 Midnight Prophecy—Camilla's story. Midnight Prophecy is released on August 11, 2018 Yes, that is the day of a new moon/ solar eclipse---Yes, I did plan the book release on that date on purpose. (251 pages) Order it here Midnight Prophecy Kindle book
Book Blurb Midnight Prophecy:

The prophecy awaits...

Camilla (Cammy) Midnight is the youngest sister of the daughters of Midnight. Organized and confident, the pink-haired wise woman has her future all neatly mapped out. She is on the brink of launching her own business, and Camilla has no time for distractions or romance.
Camilla meets Jacob, the landscaper in charge of redesigning the gardens of the old haunted house on the cliffs. The rugged, single father is unquestionably attractive, and his five-year old son is absolutely adorable. Despite herself, Camilla is smitten, until she realizes that the landscaper is a skeptic. While Jake has been captivated by Cammy and her edgy style, she tries to dismiss him and his narrow-minded attitude. What he assumes is all a joke, for Camilla is an essential part of who she is. Nevertheless, something keeps pulling the two of them together.
Destiny, it seems cannot be denied. Now Camilla and Jacob must solve a one hundred and seventy year old mystery that links both their families with a tragic part of history from their beloved hometown. Something seems to have the local ghost ramping up her activity, and even Jacob has to admit that there’s something spooky going on in that old mansion on the cliffs.
Camilla knows magick, but she never expected to deal with historic prophecies and curses. Can a skeptical man learn to believe in magick? Can a wise woman, embrace the fate that was prophesied for her almost two centuries before? 

The prices for the books are as follows.
Kindle Price: .99 cents each.
Paperback Price $9.99 each

Perfect for binge reading and you can't beat the Kindle price!
Happy reading and I wish you all a wonderful rest of the summer.

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