Daughters Of Midnight Series Books 4 and 5

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Long time no post.
It's been a crazy year. I've released three more books, became a grandmother for the first time, did some traveling, became an empty nester... and the list goes on. In the meantime I released book 9 in the Legacy of Magick series and books 4 and 5 in the Daughters Of Midnight series. But I promise you, I've been working my behind off so you will have plenty of new books to read from me this fall.

Book Four in the Daughters of Midnight series, MIDNIGHT STAR was released this past May.
The paperback is 266 pages long and the price is $10.99. The Kindle price is only .99 cents. 
Here is the cover art and the description... 

An old family prophecy spoke of a hidden star, and now she’s been found.
Estella Flores Midnight is recently unemployed, on her own and broke. At the darkest point of her life, she discovers that her paternal grandmother is not only living, but that the woman has been searching for her—for years.If that wasn’t shocking enough, Estella learns that she has three half-sisters as well, and they’ve all invited her to come and stay with them. With nothing to lose, she travels to the historic riverside village of Ames Crossing, Illinois.A loner by nature, Estella isn’t completely comfortable with the Midnights and their generosity. She’s barely arrived when she discovers a family wedding is days away, and at the reception Estella comes face to face with a man who seems oddly familiar. Chauncey Marquette is a dead ringer for his infamous ancestor Pierre-Michel Marquette.However, there’s more to the Midnights than meets the eye. Estella can accept and even embrace her family’s wise woman traditions, but unfortunately she has bigger problems. It seems that the past and the present are now running in circles. Dreams, déjà vu, and waking visions begin to plague Estella which forces her in to looking for reasons as to why.Are the memories of a pair of star-crossed lovers from the 1840’s somehow magickally influencing her actions? All Estella wanted was a chance to make a new life for herself—the past should stay buried where it belongs, but clearly the local ghosts have other ideas.

Book 5 in the series, MIDNIGHT SECRETS just became available for pre-order. Release day is September 21, 2019.
Kindle price is only .99 cents. 
Click here to order the Kindle version of Midnight Secrets
The paperback is 311 pages long and the price will be $11.99
Here is the cover art and  book description...

There are many dark secrets in the village of Ames Crossing, Illinois...

To the locals, Amanda Beaumont is the classy and soft spoken librarian who dates Deputy Zakary Parker. She lives quietly, content with her cat and cherished books in the old house at the base of the cliffs. But, the truth is nothing like it seems as Amanda is actually a daughter of Midnight, and the keeper of a chilling heritage.
Amanda is a Guardian, and duty bound to protect the village. If you thought she was scary when your library books were overdue, you should see her at her other job. In her secret profession she takes on only the most severe paranormal cases, and battles the evilest of foes...
The closer she gets to Zakary, the more complications her duty causes her. Preserving the illusion of the reserved librarian is playing hell on her romance with the deputy. As a Guardian, her calling requires that she maintain her cover, and keep the paranormal world hidden from the public.
But secrets, even old ones, have a way of revealing themselves. Can Zakary accept the truth of who she really is? Or will the kind and handsome Deputy be her undoing?


So, yeah, It's been busy over here in my little corner of the world. In other book news, book #10 in the Legacy Of Magick series, Mistletoe & Ivy will be released in November 2019!
And... I'm starting work on a brand new trilogy for 2020. 

I hope you will enjoy catching up with the Midnights and their ghostly adventures!
Happy Reading and Blessed be, Ellen

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