Hello 2021 and a new Legacy Of Magick Book

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Long time no post.

2020 was a hell of a year. The author cruise was cancelled (by the cruise line)  twice- thanks to the pandemic. I ended up getting Mono at the age of 57 last fall and that knocked me down hard, and put me in the hospital twice. Which was no fun.

I'm on the mend. The Hemlock Hollow trilogy has been successfully released. The entire trilogy is available on Kindle and in paperback.

Currently I am working on book #11 in the Legacy Of Magick series. This is an adorable teaser made for me by the cover designer. 

By the way, I have seen the finished cover art for book 11 and it is amazing. Candice looks exactly how I imagined her. 
And here is a blurb: 
Candice Jacobs is as sweet as they come. Her popular confectionery shop is a hit with the residents of William’s Ford and business is booming, until a jealous baker from a nearby town drops dead on the sidewalk in front of Candice’s store.

If that wasn’t bad enough, a series of bizarre events begin to befall Candice. Now rumors are stirring that everyone’s favorite Kitchen Witch might be dabbling in black magick.

With her professional and personal reputation crumbling, Candice must figure out who or what is the cause—and she better do it fast.

Witches vow to ‘do no harm’,but somebody sure does want Candice and her business out of the way. Will her magick be able to save her in time?

Cake Pops, Charms & Do No Harm will be released in the Spring.

Next up will be the spin-off series from my Hemlock Hollow Trilogy.
Book 1 in the Hemlock Hollow Anthology will be released this fall.

Bewitched In Hemlock Hollow will tell the story of Ruby and Val. I can't wait to see what happens when I put quite and serious Ruby the Witch with the larger than life soldier and Hunter-in-training Val.

After that I go back to the Daughters Of Midnight series to finish up Estella and Chauncey's haunted love story with Midnight Destiny. 
Blessed be, Ellen

2021 Releases

Cake Pops, Charms & Do No Harm, Legacy Of Magick, book 11 - Spring 2021

Bewitched In Hemlock Hollow, Hemlock Hollow Anthology, book 1- Fall 2021

Midnight Destiny, Daughters Of Midnight, book 6 - Winter 2021

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