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Midnight Destiny will be released on Friday, November 19th!

Here is an excerpt from the novel. Estella and Chauncey are not your traditional romantic pair, and that's why I adore them so much. This story was so satisfying to write. You can order a copy of the Kindle for only .99 cents, here Midnight Destiny Kindle

The following excerpt is copyrighted material and may not be reproduced in ANY form, print or electronic without the publisher's written permission. 

"“There.” I pointed at Danielle. “See what you did? You’ve upset the baby.” I went over to Danielle, and as soon as I picked her up, the baby quieted.

“One of these days, Estella,” Chauncey said, “you’re going to have to stop hiding behind that nasty attitude.”

“I’m not hiding behind it,” I said. “It’s a part of my charm.”

Shutting his eyes, he sighed loud and long. “I have never been so tempted to throttle a woman in all my life.”

“Ha!” I tossed my head. “I’d like to see you try, pretty boy. I’d have you eating the floorboards before you could blink.”

“If you’re going to make threats, you should put the baby down,” he said. “Or are you merely bluffing?”

 “Bluffing?” I shifted Danielle to my left hip. “You think you know me, Chauncey? I could drop you to your knees before you ever knew what hit you.”

In response to my challenge, he stepped toward me. I pivoted so that Danielle was almost behind me, and at the same time I shot my right hand forward, palm facing out. It was a controlled thrust that I stopped a bare inch from his nose. Danielle squealed happily at the abrupt movement, and Chauncey’s dark brown eyes almost bugged out of his head.

“Do not underestimate me,” I said softly as he stared. “I have seen more, done more and defended myself in situations that would make you cringe.” Slowly, I lowered my hand.

Chauncey took a deliberate step back. “Surely you know that I would never strike a woman.” His voice was low, but his tone was serious.

“Lala!” Danielle bounced happily on my hip.

Before anything else was said, Philippe moved into the doorway

“Gabriella is awake.” Philippe walked into the kitchen oblivious to the tension. “She said she would try and eat something in a bit.”

“Good,” I said, turning back to the stove as if to check the stew. “This should be finished in a few minutes. She can try some of the broth and the chicken and see how she tolerates it.”

“Are you staying for dinner, Chauncey?” Philippe asked his brother.

“No.” Chauncey’s voice carried clearly to me. “I have dinner plans for tonight. Excuse me.”

Of course, he has a date, I thought. Determined not to let Philippe know that I’d almost decked his brother, I turned around from the stove with a smile in place and discovered that Chauncey had left. My shoulders dropped in relief..."--© 

Excerpt from Midnight Destiny by Ellen Dugan


The paperback is 238 pages long and will be available to order for $9.99 on release day. (November 19th).

I hope you will all enjoy the sixth book in the series!

Blessed be, Ellen Dugan


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