BIG Announcement!

9:32 PM

Good evening,
I have finally received permission to share the news.
There is a special 10th Anniversary edition of my first book Garden Witchery being released this year! 

Garden Witchery, was my first book and it came out in March of 2003. I has been ten years... and the book is still going strong!

This special Anniversary edition has a brand new chapter on "Witchery-Theme Gardens" that includes five enchanting gardens for you to plant along with five new spells! There is also an Epilogue: In the Garden A Decade Later.

I have kept this project a secret for a long time. I got proof pages from Becky my editor, for the new section of the book this week, and wait until you see the new illustrations we added to the book! They are by Wen Hsu and they are fabulous. (She did the illustrations for Seasons of Witchery too!)

I got the go ahead to announce it from Sandra Weschcke this evening, so you can look for the 10th Anniversary edition of Garden Witchery to be available in September of this year!

Blessed be, Ellen
Daylily and feverfew in my gardens 6-28-2013

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  2. Great news I will so be getting this one see you at con!

  3. That is fantastic news!!!! Can't wait to see it =D

  4. I love this book. I can see why it is going strong after ten years. It is just hitting its stride. :)

  5. Great book now even better! Can't wait. My old copy never has quite made it back to the book case, always in use or on night stand. Didn't know it was your first. Wow! Very impressive. Love your "easy" style of writing. Well done Ellen! Hope new version comes with another double helping of your wonderful semse of humor. Love it! : )

  6. Hmm. Would this be useful for someone who is anti-green witch but wants to try gardening? I kill just about any plant I get my hands on. But have been hearing the call of taking care of herbs and veggies. I don't have a big space so mostly it would be in planters.

  7. That is great news! HAPPY ANNiVERSARY -xo

    LOVE the illustrations in Seasons Of Witchery!!!

  8. Wow! Congratulations, Ellen! Can't wait to get my copy!

  9. Wow. Time really flys. Congrats!

  10. I will certainly be adding this new 10th anniversary edition to my private library!!! Love your books, Ellen :}


  11. I'm not surprised--Garden Witchery is my favorite of your books. My old copy is so well-loved I may have to spring for the newer edition.


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