Bewitched In Hemlock Hollow and Midnight Destiny

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My newest novel, "Bewitched In Hemlock Hollow" is off to the editor and will be available for pre-order very soon. This is Ruby's story, and we find out why Ruby Prentis was unknown to the residents of the hollow for so many years. Ruby's past has shaped her into a unique individual. As she is a Witch alone in the hollow with no affiliations to the other covens. Her story was so much fun to write and her family will blow your mind! I can't wait for you to read it when it is released in September. The world of Hemlock Hollow just got bigger, darker and sexier!

To the left is a peek at the partial cover of Bewitched In Hemlock Hollow. This is a nice sized 80,000 word novel and the Kindle price will be $2.99

This is the first book in a spin-off series from the original Hemlock Hollow Trilogy. So yes, you will find out what Daphne and Finnlagh are up to, as well as the other supernatural residents of the hollow. At the moment I have eight other future titles lined up for this new Hemlock Hollow Anthology.

In the meantime it's full speed ahead on Midnight Destiny-- book 6 of the Daughters Of Midnight. I'm about at the halfway point of that novel and although I thought I knew how this story would go...Estella is like, "Here, hold my beer," and I'm just scrambling to keep up with her. Those star-crossed ghosts are still up to all sorts of mischief-- and Estella and Chauncey are doing their best to deal with them.

Midnight Destiny was supposed to be released last year and then I got mono and it landed me in the hospital twice, so I had to tackle Estella and Chauncey's story this summer instead. It was defintely worth the wait.

Just below you can see a bit of the partial cover. for Midnight Destiny. 

For now I'll say it will be a December release but it might be earlier. It depends on how fast I write it, honestly.

Well, I need to get to work before Estella starts hollering at me in my head. Wishing you all a safe, healthy and happy rest of the summer.

Blessed be, Ellen 

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