Bewitched In Hemlock Hollow: Coming September 9th!

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September is almost here and we are days away from the season of the Witch!

My newest novel, Bewitched In Hemlock Hollow: Book 1 in the Hemlock Hollow Anthology series is avaialble for preorder now. Follow this handy link and get your Kindle copy preordered for only $2.99.  Bewitched In Hemlock Hollow

As always the paperback will be available to order on release day.

Bewitched In Hemlock Hollow: Book 1 of the Hemlock Hollow Anthology

I had so much fun writing the Hemlock Hollow trilogy, and the dark fantasy genre is intriging and a blast to explore, the world I first created with the trilogy was too big to limit it to three books, and so I decided to do a spin-off series. And that was how the Hemlock Hollow Anthology series came to be.

Here is the Bewitched In Hemlock Hollow book blurb:

Author Ellen Dugan invites you back to Hemlock Hollow. In this first book of the spinoff series the hollow just got bigger, darker, and a whole lot sexier.

Ruby Prentiss, proprietress of Bittersweet Books, is a powerful Witch. However, there is something about the copper-haired enchantress that makes her undeniably unique. Ruby’s enigmatic past has only added to her mystique, and to her bookstore’s reputation, which works out nicely because in Hemlock Hollow, the mortals, Lycans, Fae, and yes, Witches, have coexisted for over two centuries.

For the past few years Ruby has tried to build a simple and peaceful life, making the effort to put her heartbreak over her former lover, Damien Dragos behind her. The tall, blonde and ripped Hunter, Valentin Lowell—annoying though he may be—might be just what she needs to shake off the past.

However, the arrival of Ruby’s beloved adoptive family has sent shock waves through the hollow, and caused friction between all of the other Supes. Why? Because Vampires have not resided in the hollow for decades and, like it or not, the other residents have been put on notice: everything is about to change.

When a series of violent deaths occur, the nature of the killings causes blame to be cast squarely on Ruby’s family, and this places Ruby and Valentin on a collision course. However things are never as they appear in the hollow, and the choices Ruby must make will change the course of her life, and the history of the hollow forever.


Hemlock Hollow Trilogy

I'm so excited to take you all back to the hollow! Yes, you will be able to see how your favorite characters from the trilogy are doing--and also keep your eyes peeled. At the end of Bewitched In Hemlock Hollow there is a little teaser for book 2 of the anthology. I've got BIG plans for this series.

Blessed be, Ellen 

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