Midnight Destiny- Book 6 in the Daughters Of Midnight series

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Midnight Destiny Book 6 in the Daughters Of Midnight series will be released in TWO WEEKS! On the next full moon, November 19th!

Here is the book blurb:   

Welcome back to the village of Ames Crossing, Illinois where the past and the present are eerily intertwined...

Estella Flores Midnight has been residing in Ames Crossing with her new-found family for a year. While many things have changed, a few have stayed the same. The daughters of Midnight are all wise and magickal. The village and area remains extremely haunted. And lastly—try though she may—Estella is still attracted to Chauncey Marquette.

Street-wise and strong, Estella can handle any situation or physical opponent. However, there’s something about Chauncey Marquette that throws her every damn time she’s around him. They couldn’t be more different. Chauncey, a former race car driver, has seen the world. Handsome, privileged and elegant, he once partied with the rich and famous. Estella on the other hand was a military brat who worked as a bartender and a bouncer, doing whatever was necessary to make ends meet and to survive.

The supernatural events that Estella has experienced over the past year have changed her entire perspective on magick and the paranormal. But now, she is being haunted by the spirit of an ancestor, the tragic Victoria Midnight. The Victorian-era ghost wants something from Estella and in an effort to get it, the spirit’s manifestations have been growing increasingly violent.

To protect those she loves, Estella will have to put everything on the line in order to end an almost two hundred year old haunting. For it is becoming clear that Estella’s destiny lies not only in the little riverside village...but also with one man. 

Midnight Destiny will be a 238 page paperback and the Kindle price is only .99 cents!

You can preorder your Kindle copy here! Midnight Destiny

The price for the paperback is yet to be announced and the paperback will be available to order on release day November 19th!

I thought I knew how Estella and Chauncey's story would go. Turns out Estella was like: "Here , hold my beer..." and off we went. I'm thrilled with how their story turned out. They got their HEA.

Happy binge reading.

Blessed be, Ellen

Here is the amazon link to order the entire 6 book series!

Daughters Of Midnight Series

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