Wish Upon The Moon

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The final book in the Legacy Of Magick series will be released on May, 24th, 2022. 

Wish Upon The Moon is Holly & Julian's story. Here is the book blurb:

And now the twelfth and final chapter in the Legacy Of Magick series!

Wish Upon The Moon

Holly Bishop and Julian Drake have managed to keep their secret relationship going strong for years, until Julian was offered a short-term contract across the country. After almost a year apart, Holly feels that they have hit an impasse. When Julian finally returns to Williams Ford and reunites with Holly, their passion burns hotter than ever before. So the pair decide to never be parted again and run off to elope.
But the Drake and Bishop families are none-too-pleased with the news of their marriage. Now Holly and Julian face disapproval and censure—not to mention the shocked reaction of their colleagues at the museum where they both work. What should have been a magickal time of newlywed bliss is filled with stress, snide comments, and problems from all sides.
If that wasn’t enough, life throws the couple a curveball that plays on Holly’s deepest fears. The couple is pushed to the brink as they deal with the crisis, and Holly begins to wonder: what if there is nothing else to her relationship with Julian beyond the bedroom? Perhaps there is no such thing as a ‘happy ever after’ for her. Will the curse that seems to tear Bishop brides and Drake grooms apart strike once again, or can she and Julian manage to stay together and defy the odds?

Kindle price is $2.99

327 page paperback is $11.99

The Legacy Of Magick series was one hell of a ride. I hope you will enjoy Holly and Julian's HEA ending as well as the series wrap up as much as I did! Hint: It made me cry.

Blessed be, Ellen Dugan

To order the ebook click here Kindle- Wish Upon The Moon

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