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Happy Fall!

Welcome back to Hemlock Hollow. The eerie little town nestled in the Ozark Mountains where nothing is as it seems. Mortals, Witches, Lycans, Vampires and Fae all reside in the hollow and not always peaceably.

In the hollow it is said that the Fae play dangerous games... and in Beguiled in Hemlock Hollow everything you thought you knew will change forever.

Here is the blurb for Beguiled In Hemlock Hollow

Lucas Archer, the handsome Sheriff of Hemlock Hollow, is about to have his world rocked. An old flame of his is returning, the beautiful Fae lover that Lucas never expected to see again. Seven years earlier, personal sacrifices were made to prevent a war between the realms, and Lucas was devastated to discover that the lover he’d known simply as Maeve was no ordinary Fae female. She was in fact the Princess Oona, and she belonged to another.

Oona Maeve, Princess of the Dark Fae has at last escaped from her husband’s court and after a long negotiation, has finally been granted a divorce. Determined to be reunited with her love, Oona and her children seek asylum in Hemlock Hollow for a chance at a simpler and happier life. Unfortunately, her carefully planned arrival turns to chaos, as someone wants Oona and any possible heirs to the dark throne eliminated.

Wounded, Oona seeks Lucas’ help, but her return is not the joyful reunion either had imagined, for many secrets and even more devastating truths are about to be revealed. Can Oona find a way to break free from the political intrigue of the Fae courts and keep those she loves safe? Will Lucas accept the truth or continue to cling to the hateful lies he was once told? In a world of mortals and Supes, it will take a special sort of magick for this beguiling love story to end with a happily ever after.

Release date is September 26th! Follow this link to preorder your Kindle copy for only $2.99.Beguiled In Hemlock Hollow on Kindle The paperback is 330 pages and (as always) will be available on release day. The price will be $12.99

Work is underway for the next novel in the Hemlock Hollow Anthology. Beckoned In Hemlock Hollow is Alison's story and it will be released this winter. If you are new to the series here are the trilogy and the spin-off Anthology titles in order.

Hemlock Hollow Trilogy
1.) Hemlock Lane
2.) Wolfsbane Ridge
3.) Nightshade Court

Hemlock Hollow Anthology
1.) Bewitched In Hemlock Hollow
2.) Beguiled In Hemlock Hollow
3.) Beckoned In Hemlock Hollow

Blessed be and happy reading, Ellen

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